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safety first

This past weekend some friends and I had a little scare while on a backpacking trip in Montana. So why am I about to tell you about a friend getting hurt? Because, it was a quick reminder of why it is so important to always be prepared! No one but me had a first-aid kit on my trip and even one friend said:

“I usually always bring a first-aid kit, but I just thought all was going to be good this weekend.”

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case when our friend sunk through a patch of snow and cut his ankle open, this was an accident that could have happened to anyone. Luckily I was prepared and I have first-aid training and was able to fix up my friend while in the backcountry. The whole hike back all everyone kept saying was “Wow, this was a real eye open to ALWAYS bring a first-aid kit.” Even if it is just for a short hike, you never know when it will come in handy or even maybe save a life!

Another reason why I bring this up is the importance of a guide. Even though I was “off the clock” this past weekend, my guide and first-aid training came in a lot of good. The number one rule for being a guide is being prepared at all times. I know that our guides are always prepared and thats something to look forward to on an Austin-Lehman adventure, the fact that you know your guide is always there to help you, even if it is an emergency.

Just a friendly reminder to stay safe and alway be prepared!

Your friendly and prepared hiker,


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