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Ask and You Shall Adventure
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Ask and You Shall Adventure

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Ask and You Shall Adventure

By Amanda Walsmith – 5-minute read


Here at Austin Adventures, we live to share the experience of travel.  We are not a tour company focused on scripted history lessons or time-crunched itineraries. Our job is to show you the crevices of the world that you might not otherwise see while having an adventure of a lifetime.  We want you to have breathtaking moments and those “I can’t believe I just did that” proclamations.  If the beautiful world around us is what is considered our “product” then it’s the Austin Adventures customer service that is the big red ribbon wrapped around it that creates a surprising experience that you will never forget.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and it is what creates our signature “wow” moments that will hopefully become those lasting memories you carry with you.  

“What a terrific experience with Austin Adventures! I have a family of 5 that travels frequently with their 21-year-old Quadriplegic son, and […] Dan Austin personally prepared a detailed and specific program catering to the family’s particular needs. The final itinerary included [a] raft designed to accommodate [a] wheelchair [and a] hot air balloon [with a] specialized basket with [a] cut out so [the] wheelchair passenger could see. Austin Adventures is the epitome of a Virtuoso Supplier; stellar service for the client on the ground and tremendous flexibility and professionalism behind the scenes.”

Timothy Krenzien – President, Paul Klein Travel


Reading reviews like this always make our hearts happy at Austin Adventures.  Any time we have the opportunity to share the world of adventure travel with someone, we have had a good day.  What makes us sad it that so many may feel like they are asking too much or it’s just not possible.  Too many companies have gotten locked into checkboxes that they can’t seem to think outside of them (or outside what the computer screen says).  Well, we aren’t too big on “impossibilities” here, so we have a new challenge for you if you’ve had any hesitations about adventure travel; just ask!


If you have a need, ask and you shall adventure.  Our customer service doesn’t stop at just being friendly and hospitable.  Those should be a given in any industry (and humanity).  Our customer service goes above and beyond to the point that we challenge you to just ask.  When you book an adventure travel package with Austin Adventures, it’s not a one size fits all type of vacation.  We know that you and your group are unique, and your vacation should be too.  Perhaps there’s a restaurant in the area you’ve always wanted to try but it isn’t listed as an activity.  Or maybe grandma has an adventurer’s soul, but her knees become bothersome after a bit of hiking.  No matter what, we’ll find the best options, and we will make sure everyone adventures and experiences what they had hoped for and more.  Just ask!


Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll be doing enough of that.  We do not want you worried about the usual travel duties that you have to focus on like transportation big enough to fit everyone’s bags, ensuring that everyone eats, or making accommodation reservations.  Once you arrive, we will take care of ALL of it.  Seriously.  You’ll be sweating enough on the hiking trails that we don’t want you sweating the small stuff.  We want you focused on the beauty around you and the feeling of accomplishment and spirit of adventure building up in your chest.  Don’t worry; your bags will be waiting in your cozy room at the end of the day and they’ll be loaded up for you in the morning while you eat your hot breakfast.   This is a vacation after all.  And if there is anything else you may be needing help with, just ask!


We do what we love, and it shows.  We are sure that you have heard that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  Well, if that’s the truth then we are a bunch of slackers.  Our customer service ideals aren’t built on some team training courses or management plans.  Our smiles aren’t fake and our willingness to serve is genuine.  That is what passion for adventure does; it makes you want to share it with the world.  Regardless of where you live, what your physical capabilities are, or what walk of life you come from, adventure travel is for you and we can make it happen.  We love it.  We live by it.  


So just ask…and you shall adventure.

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