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Red Mountain Resort

John Ibach, Director of Outdoor Recreation at Red Mountain Resort, talks a little bit about some of the great opportunities that March brings to the resort.

The month of March in Southern Utah is a time of anticipation, looking forward to a long spring and anticipating the warm months ahead. The mornings and afternoons are perfect for the outdoor activities that our corner of Utah is so famous for. Hiking and biking in Snow Canyon the Santa Clara River Valley and Zion National Park are at their best. Whether you choose to hike in the mornings or take a longer afternoon excursion with us you will find our knowledgeable and experienced guides a pleasure to be with. The average daily temperatures are in the high 60s Fahrenheit, perfect for outdoor activities.

March is also the time we look forward to the desert bloom. Marigold, spectacle pod, snake weed, four-o’clock, and others make their appearance in March giving new life to the desert, this yearly bloom contrasts with the red rocks and blues skies that we are famous for and gives the desert a look that happens only once a year.

No matter if you are looking to kick start your physical fitness program or are looking for a once in a life outdoor challenge you will find our unique blend of outdoor recreation adventures at Red Mountain Resort to be just the thing. Our expert guides will challenge you on every hike and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. You will also come away with a deeper understanding of the environment you have hiked through and why we feel such a special attachment to our desert environment. March is indeed a special time in the desert. Red Mountain Resort and Austin-Lehman Adventures are here to help you make the most of this incredible experience!

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