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The Best Time to Travel to Cuba: Now

The Best Time to Travel to Cuba: Now

Classic Cars in Cuba


The Best Time to Travel to Cuba: Now

You’ve followed the tumultuous history, watched the revolutions from afar, dreamed of the cigars and salsa dancing, and are looking for something totally fresh to ring in the New Year. If you’re seeking to find the next trip-of-a-lifetime and want to ensure that it’s wrapped in the utmost authentic and vibrant experiences, your search ends here, for travel in Cuba is open and it’s calling to you.

Cuba-Travel-Photo-0483With balmy sunshine and downright paradise weather conditions year-round, there isn’t a better time to book your Cuba vacation package. But we think December and January are prime Cuba months, so don’t wait another season. Book your tickets and get excited to finally experience one of the world’s most mysterious islands in its best light.

As if a people-to-people walking tour of this Caribbean gem wasn’t already fascinating enough, we’re extending you an invitation to take it all in with your two new favorite travel companions, Dan and Carol Austin. As the visionaries behind Austin Adventures, this dynamic duo is as ponderous, entertaining, and profoundly passionate as Cuba itself.

With a combined 58 years of adventure travel savvy under their belts, Dan and Carol invite you to join them in discovering the Real Cuba as part of our President’s Tour series. For no extra cost to you, enjoy the opportunity to travel with members of the Austin family as they, too, make time to adventure.

Like you, Dan and Carol are taking a break from office-life back in their hometown of Billings to explore this Caribbean gem. With the same carefully-crafted itinerary as our other premium Cuba tours, the President’s Trip series is simply complemented by the energy and stories of these two world travelers, fun foodies, and happy-go-lucky Montanans.

Ring in the New Year to the sound of church bells pealing over the streets of Old Havana as fireworks light up Revolution Square and Plaza de la Catedral. After getting your fix of diesel fumes wafting from vintage 1950’s cars rumbling down the cobblestone streets of Plaza Vieja, escape to the outskirts of the Caribbean’s largest city where true adventure awaits.Cuba-Travel-Photo-0264

Meander from baroque architecture to the sun-drenched slopes of Cuba’s wild interior and white-sand beaches. Explore limestone mogotes and mystical caves. Wander through Cuba’s gorgeous agricultural region inhaling the sweet scents of fruit, coffee and tobacco. Learn how cigars are made. Hike amongst the tiniest hummingbirds on the planet in 11,000-acre biosphere of La Terrazas. Relish fresh seafood. Snorkel with iguanas at Playa Giron. Espy crocodiles, flamingos, and maybe the elusive pygmy owl.

All the while, enjoy the liveliness of having two wide-eyed travel companions. Dan and Carol might have visited every continent, tasted exotic foods and trod where few have plod, but they’re far from jaded and can’t wait to unwrap the joys of Cuba with you and yours. Cuba will change quicker than you can learn how to say, “??Acere, qué bolá??”, so go now – and start reading Hemingway, of course.

Till then, !!Chao, pescao!…!Y a la vuelta, picadillo!! (yep, you read that right: it literally means “goodbye, fish. And next time, minced meat” – not an insult but rather a reference to the days of ration cards when Cubans received fish for the first 15 days of the month and meat the latter).


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