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Bike Tours in France
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Bike Tours in France


Bike Tours in France


Enjoy the delights of the past from ruins and medieval streets, historic churches, and famous artists, to the wonders of the present day from fashions, farms, and delectable wines. If you cannot decide which style of vacation you want to enjoy, why choose? With an Austin Adventures France Bike Tour, you get the storytelling and time travel to ancient eras, along with the beauties and wonders that locals today enjoy on a daily basis. The mix of learning about history, experiencing local tastes and drinks, enjoying strolls and bike rides from location to location, get your hands a little dirty at the farms and vineyards, to the luxurious accommodations and spa hotels that you are able to retreat to at the end of the night. For the best mix of activities to suit all of your traveling needs, check out an adventure tour today to the beautiful countryside of France.

france loire valley


France biking vacations are offered in three different locations including Provence, The Loire Valley and of course Brittany/Normandy. The Provence a Pied is a great tour that focuses on gourmet excursions and traveling by foot to see the lovely locations of Provence. The vineyards will be enjoyed by strolling through lanes of grapes, breathing in the aromas, soaking up the sunshine, and indulging in the flavors and varieties of grapes that elaborate the millions of bottles of fantastic wines. Travel across the engineering marvel, the famous three-tiered aqueduct-bridge, and The Pont du Gard aqueduct. Gape at the impressive bridge spanning 275 meters over the Gardon Valley. Trek through the Roman ruins and learn about the ancient remains of the historical heritage of the old Roman civilization in the most perfectly preserved Roman amphitheater in the world.

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If you choose to instead enjoy the city of Provence on a France bike tour rather then by foot you will not miss out on the Roman Ruins, will also walk the steps through history where six popes before had trekked, and of course view the aqueduct Pont du Gard. Riding through the countryside with fields of lavender, sunflowers, vineyards, and olive groves you will soak in the landscape that inspired artists like Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Chagall. Take a break from the bike ride and stop into some of the local farms with ripe and delicious produce, local and savory products, and learn about the fascinating traditional way of farming in Provence. If this tour didn’t already seem interesting enough throw in a visit to the nature reserve of The Camargue, a lovely wind-swept river delta bordering the Mediterranean Sea, where you can pass the time watching the grace and beauty of the pink flamingos. If you are looking to visit other locations during your visit to France, book your flight out a week from when your tour ends. Due to an excellent train network, it is simple to pass from city to city.


Perhaps Provence doesn’t strike a chord with you; nevertheless, there are many other locations of France to consider. Your Loire Valley French Bike Tour offers some beautiful architectural sites including Chateau Amboise, Chateau Chambord, and Chateau Chenoceau. Loire Valley is known for being host to many important castles from history dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries. Learn the fascinating histories of how all of these castles came about from their competitive nature, and walk in the footsteps of Joan of Arc. Also ride along through the towns, cathedrals, and villages to view the beauty that the town still currently holds. The countryside and rivers are worth the ride to enjoy a bit of the scenery and try out some of the flavors of local wine and food.

france loire valley

Another France bike tour location to consider is a Burgundy Bike Tour with Austin Adventures. Start your adventure with a visit to the university town of Dijon, explore the Musee des Beaux-Arts, and take a relaxing ride through the gargoyle-studded churches of Notre Dame. What better wine to try then a classic glass of Burgundy while visiting the town of Beaune and try some of the astounding cuisines, and sweets that France has to offer, all in one of the oldest wine regions in France. You will be able to enjoy great accommodations, staying true to some old fashioned charm and bask in some of the delights that Burgundy has to offer. The pace of change in this vintage town is a bit slow, to say the least, enjoy the personality and soak up some of the delicious products of this region.


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