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Bike Tours in France
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Bike Tours in France

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A country known for delectable wines, mouthwatering cuisine, cultural depths, and romantic locations, France is a great place to experience your next adventure vacation. Can’t leave the kids home alone? Perfect, bring your family on a France Normandy Family Trip with Austin Adventures. They will love the impressive sceneries, the beautiful views on their bike rides, and the exciting histories and visits to the battlefields. Delicious meals to impress a toddler to a grandparent, no family member will leave this vacation disappointed.

ALA-EuroBike - Bike tour along France's Normandy coast-1975 - 72 dpi

The tourist town of St-Malo has been a tourist hot spot for years. St-Malo citadel, or walled city, is an attractive visitor location with cobblestone streets lined with shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants. The modern harbor connects the citadel to the mainland making travel a bit more simple and stress free. Your adventure upon two wheels during your adventure tour will lead you along Brittany to the battlefields of Normandy. Traveling along the shoreline form St-Malo to Bayeux you will taste the flavors of the harbors, experience a piece of history as you pass through historic sites from WWII, and view ancient stone farmhouses and experience the striking landscapes.

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St-Vaast is a beautiful and very special marina surrounded by stunning fishing boats and quaint views of the shorelines and fishermen landing and selling their catches. The bulk of French oysters come from this location so it is a must try on the menu for dinner or lunch during your visit. The sheltered location provides a beautiful, almost tropical vegetation creating a gorgeous backdrop for you to ride along and visit. Retreat to the lush Normandy countryside; enjoy a glass of fine wine, and flavorful cheeses and caviar.

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Continue your French Bike Tour to the town of Bayeux. Visit the historic sites of the D-Day Beaches, guided tours of historical WWII sites, and visit the Bayeux Cathedral which towers over the entire town. Relive William the Conqueror’s conquest of England as you walk along the colorful 230-foot Bayeux Tapestry that retells the story scene by scene.

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Searching for an adventure that reaches beyond just amazing French food and beautiful landscapes? Check out our France to Dordogne tour. While this trip by no means will be lacking in mouthwatering savory cuisine, it is also an opportunity to step back through time and explore the Grotte Fond de Gaume, an ancient cave scattered with 15,000-year-old paintings of prehistoric bison, mammoths, and reindeer which once roamed the shores of the Dordogne during the last Ice Age. With hundreds of caves open to the public to explore, as well as prehistoric paintings you can also marvel at rock formations, and explore beautiful underground taverns.

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