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Southwest biking tours

Today after being in the office all day I am really wishing I was on a cycling tour in the Southwest right about now. Specically on our Utah-Arches to Moab adventure, biking in Utah is such a neat experience. There is just something about the landscape and the bright red arches that blows your mind! It is a different world in itself, look at those characters in the photo below… thats what a great time looks like and Utah adventure vacations are the way to get that feeling where you just want to jump up and wave your hands in the air. It’s hard to pick a favorite part of this trip, but for me it is biking in Canyonlands National Park and then hiking up to Mesa Arch (photo below)

Mesa Arch

I just can’t wait till I get back to Utah and get some biking done!!! Well that’s it for me today, just wanted to share where I wish I was right now!

Where would you rather be? Leave a comment and let me know!

Your friendly biker,


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