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Boring Life No More with Adventure Vacations for Couples
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Boring Life No More with Adventure Vacations for Couples

















Are you bored of your routine life and feel it’s time to take a vacation? Try our adventure trips and change your definition of vacation forever. Adventure vacations for couples are a great way to learn your partner’s fears and experience the thrill of action together.

If you are going for your honeymoon, anniversary or just a yearly vacation, fill it with excitement and unexpected twists by taking an adventure trip coupled with romance. Austin Lehman adventures weave together hiking, cycling and rafting experiences along with candle light dinners and French wine. Enjoy skiing the Swiss Alps and throw snow balls at your partner or take a biking or hiking trip on the Greek Isles.

Stroll through the high fashion streets of Paris and savor fine French blue cheese and French wine. The magnificent monuments in France will keep you awe struck. There is so much to explore when you visit the lesser known destinations in Europe like Slovenia. Pedal through the vineyards admiring the renaissance architecture or walk through the narrow streets to explore the wonders of this hidden jewel. Snowcapped Julian Alps are away from any noise and provide unspoiled nature with beautiful flora and fauna.

Our European vacations are a complete package of fun, love and stimulation of your senses. Visit us online today to learn more.

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