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Sand Dunes in Namibia

A rare east wind kicked up over night, squashing our sunrise balloon ride over the dunes. (good excuse to come back). Sunrise over the dunes from camp is a spectacular site.  The wind stirring the rich golden grasses and the “red” sands make a contrast too good not to shoot and shoot. Why coffee, bacon and eggs taste so much better out here I have no idea, trust it does.

After breakfast we have to say our first good byes of our adventure.  Its tough, the camp staff seem like old friends after just too days. We load up and head to the airstrip for a 90 minute flight in a small Cessna to Swakopmund along the skeleton coast. Flying just 1500 over the dunes really puts it in perspective how vast they really are. Then north along the coast past ship wrecks and huge seal colonies. We arrive in the German Colonial town now called Swakopmund in time for a fresh seafood lunch out on the pier. The contrast of cool coastal breeze over the dry desert is a pleasant one. Lazy afternoon of checking out the town, beaches and shops, before we crank back up the adventure tomorrow. Tune in a few days and catch up on our Namibian Safari and Adventure.

Keep checking back, there is plenty more to come from my Namibian safari!

Dan Austin

Dan Austin

Written by: Dan Austin

Born and bred into the outdoor life in California, Dan Austin is the Founder and President of Austin Adventures.

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