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Celebrating Life’s Simple Pleasures with Life is Good
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Celebrating Life’s Simple Pleasures with Life is Good


Aligning values, and other reasons Life is Good chose to partner with Austin Adventures.

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We at Austin Adventures are always raising the bar to provide the very best experiences that our loyal alumni have come to expect. Whether it’s a highly requested destination, or an exciting new experience, we’re on the look-out for every opportunity to grow and improve our already amazing adventures. In this case, we teamed up with John & Bert Jacobs at Life is Good, a leading active-wear company dedicated to spreading the power of optimism. It’s the perfect match.

Together, we’re launching Life is Good Vacations, a new series of adventures that combines connection to the outdoors with journeys of self-discovery through a refreshed, positive outlook. These are the kinds of trips we live for, and we’re ecstatic that with Life is Good we can take our signature adventures to the next level.

Life is Good has devoted 24 years to celebrating life’s simple pleasures through positive art and messaging. With the launch of this series, people can now experience those simple joys while exploring pristine, beautiful destinations like Costa Rica, Bryce and Zion National Parks, Canadian Rockies, and Yellowstone.

We carefully crafted the Life is Good collection to reflect the shared values of both of our companies. The trips emphasize the positive aspects of travel, whether it’s immersion into local culture, pushing your boundaries in a fun and exciting way, or just being surrounded by a truly breath-taking landscape. These are the kinds of experiences that affect guests long after they return home, leading to a more optimistic outlook in their everyday lives.

Both Austin Adventures and Life is Good have a love for nature and activities in the great outdoors. We’re thrilled that we can use our decades of award-winning experience to turn that passion into once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Both Austin Adventures and Life is Good revel in our guests’ looks of wonder as they gaze out at stunning landscapes or succeed at things they’ve never tried before. Because it’s not the destination or activities alone that bring guests joy for the long run, it’s the peace of mind they bring back to their day-to-day lives, enjoying time spent with family and appreciating life more.

In the end, that’s what both of our companies are all about.

This season, vacations include both family and adult-only trips in groups of 12 or less to:

•Montana – Big Sky, Yellowstone & Paradise Valley
•Utah – Bryce Canyon & Zion

•Canadian Rockies – Banff to Jasper

•Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio to Punta Islita


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