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Choose Athens and the Cyclades for Your Next European Vacation
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Choose Athens and the Cyclades for Your Next European Vacation

By: Austin Adventures February 24, 2012

Austin-Lehman Adventurers Greece

Picture this. It’s early morning, and the sun is already blazing down from a clear blue sky as the sounds of the ferry preparing to depart Athens echo around the port. The flag so vividly colored flaps in the breeze. The blue represents the deep blue of the seas around Greece whilst the white is the color of the wave tops, whipped up by the wind. Romantics tell that the blue represents the Goddess Aphrodite and the white, the waves that break around her as she emerges from the sea.

The Cyclades is a romantic island grouping that is home to Delos, the birth place of Apollo to Santorini once destroyed by the volcanic eruption that drowned Atlantis. Naxos and Paros are small islands that still have retained a naive charm about them. However, this ferry’s first stop is Mykonos on an adventure vacation for couples. With no links to a romantic past, Mykonos has become synonymous with wealth and glamour.

As the ferry arrives in the small port, blue and white become evident again. Clinging to the hillsides, the small houses are painted blindingly white with shutters in the all too familiar blue of the sea. Your cycling tour will be a test of will with the hilly environment so head into town. This enigmatic little island has been home to the great and the good for many years. Back in the sixties, Jackie O was a regular, and these days you won’t be surprised to see P-Diddy in the small, winding streets where the vibrant, pink bougainvillea tumbles down the sides of stonewashed white buildings.

Look out for Namos Restaurant (Greek for sand). It’s the only place to be seen at sundown on Psarou Beach. All European vacations demand at least a day in the sun. If you look the part, you may even get a neatly manicured beach umbrella where you can watch the sun go down and the stars come out to play as evening progresses on this most exclusive beach on this most exclusive island.

Tomorrow is another day, and the ferry with its blue and white flag leaves one blue and white paradise behind before heading for the next.

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