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Choose Your Own Adventure Style
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Choose Your Own Adventure Style

Hiking in Alberta, Canada

Choose Your Own Adventure Style

We’ve got something for everyone!
By Amanda Walsmith – 4 minutes read

What are you looking for in your adventure of a lifetime?  You could start browsing destinations, travel blogs, and top 10 lists, but you’ll spend a lot of time sifting through possibilities that are just not for you.  And there is nothing more frustrating or deterring than wasted time.  So, we decided to make thinalaskags a bit easier for you (because that’s what we do).  

You tell us what you are looking to do or see, and we’ll give you some great options that fit your adventure travel style.  No guesswork, no missed opportunities, and no wasted time.  Here are just a few to get you started in planning your next adventure.

What’s your travel style?

From the list below, tell us what sticks out to you the most.  We have adventures around the world that are sure to fill your travel style, so you don’t feel like you’re settling.  



If you are a walking wanderer, you enjoy land passing beneath your feet, and long for that feeling of accomplishment at the peak of your journey, then may we suggest taking this vacation:

Alberta – Banff Glacier hike

On this hiking trek adventure vacation, you’ll don your crampons and walking sticks to traverse the frozen layers of this epic ice field.  For six days you’ll hike through the Canadian Rocky Mountains discovering gorgeous overviews, serene lakes, and gigantic glaciers.  That proud feeling of making it to the top of the world will set in when you overlook Moraine Lake from Sentinel Pass.  This is the adventure vacation calling all hikers.




Are you a pedal fiend?  Always ready to jump on a bike and feel the world whiz by you?  Then this vacation is for you:

South Dakota – Black Hills and Mount Rushmore (adult)

Over the course of 6 days, your 2 wheels will cover 109 miles through the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Ride through history and see the land, much of it untouched, as it was experienced in the Wild Wild West.  Your bike will be your vehicle to lakes, mountains, railroad bridges, and spectacular caves.  Biking enthusiasts…this one is for you.




There is something so pure and magical about spotting animals out in the wild.  When what is usually is only seen in pictures or on TV sits in front of you, it’s thrilling.  If you’re the one always on the lookout for critters and creatures, then perhaps you should visit these places that so many animals call home.


You’d be hard-pressed to choose one of our Alaska vacations and not be thrilled with the number of animal encounters you will have.  From sea otters, orcas, and humpback whales to moose, bears, and eagles.  The last frontier may not be abundant in people, but in animals, it is not lacking.

San Juan Islands

Summer on the San Juan Islands isn’t just a getaway for us, but also for the 80+ orca whales that call the Salish Sea their summertime home.  While you kayak through the waters, you’ll want to keep a lookout for seals and porpoises while not forgetting to look up to spot the majestic bald eagle.


National Parks

For all you park chasers out there, we have plenty of vacations that are adventure-filled and can tick many of the best national parks off your bucket list. These park packed vacations are just for you:

Wyoming & Montana – Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier

Utah Mighty Five

Arizona & Utah – Grand Canyon, Bryce, & Zion



Multigenerational travel

Of course, family travel is one of the best ways to create long-lasting memories and bonding experiences.  However, it can be difficult to plan a trip that suits the kiddos, parents, and grandparents alike.  But we have you covered with these great family adventure vacation options that will suit all from keeping the little ones engages and intrigues to accommodating lower mobility.  

Guest Ranches


Arizona Grand Canyon (Family)


Yellowstone National Park (Family)


Montana (Family)


Alaska (Family)


No matter what you adventure travel style it, we can help you find the perfect destination with the activities that we have you excited each and every morning.  Tell us what experience you are looking for and we’ll put our experience to work.  Happy adventuring!

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