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Colorful Colorado: 6 Shades of Adventure and Luxury

Colorful Colorado: 6 Shades of Adventure and Luxury

By: Austin Adventures February 18, 2016

Colorful Colorado

Colorful Colorado: 6 Shades of Adventure and Luxury

From sun-kissed mountaintops at dawn to rosy clouds wisped over the plains at happy hour, Colorado Springs guarantees to deliver a world of colorful contrasts set against its bluer-than-blue Rocky Mountain sky. Discover an adventurer’s paradise and an artist’s delight on this five-star wilderness getaway that presents you with the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation.

Colorado Garden of the Gods

1. Red rocks: Spend a morning wandering through the 300-feet-high towering sandstone wonders of Garden of the Gods. As your lungs adjust to Colorado Springs’ altitude of over 6,000-feet-above-sea-level, enjoy a sight for sore eyes in this whimsical park featuring unforgettable photo opportunities, a curious history, and of course these geological giants set to the backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak.

2. Green forests: From ponderosa to bristlecone, evergreens of a wide variety of needle shapes and sap aromas abound in Pike National Forest, which spans over 1.1 million acres along Colorado’s Front Range. Accompanying this bounty of pines are a host of broadleaf trees, including Quaking Aspens, Gambel Oaks, Canyon Maples, and thousands of brilliant wildflowers dotting high-alpine summer meadows, including Colorado’s state flower, the Columbine.

3. Blue skies: Thanks to higher elevations and a dry climate, Colorado showcases some of the bluest skies in the country. Trying to time your visit to experience the bluest of blue? Look for high pressure systems coupled with clean air, which create the ideal recipe for that profound hue. Don’t worry – Colorado boasts over 300-days of clear skies a year!

4. Purple mountains: The highlight of Colorado Springs is no doubt the very inspiration behind Katherine Lee Bate’s 1893 poem and one of our nation’s favorite patriotic songs, America the Beautiful: Pikes Peak. This 14,110-foot marvel looming over Colorado Springs welcomes recreationists to hike, bike, or take a train to or from its summit, a place that explorer Zebulon Pike, the mountains namesake, never actually reached.

5. Golden Lager: Whether you’re wrapping up a day of fly fishing, trekking, skiing, mountain biking, exploring, or simply gazing upon Colorado’s endless natural wealth, crack open a cold one to experience a Colorado cultural ritual and reason behind why some folks go out and do things in the great outdoors: so they can drink beer and talk about what they just did, also known as ‘recap.’ Cheers!

Colorado Beer

6. White Wine: When you’ve had your fill of activity, whether it’s four-wheeling, caving, zip-lining, horseback riding, hiking, hiking, and more hiking, Colorado’s evenings usually kickoff with a stellar sunset perfect for settling around a crackling fire, a glass of wine, a delectable, hard-earned, gourmet meal, and some good conversation (ahem, more recap) about these nonstop-adventurous days. You’re bound to call it a night pretty early, for a fresh stock of Colorado’s vigorous scheme of colors awaits to be blended tomorrow.

Colorado Five Star

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