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The Coolest Thing to do in Denmark
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The Coolest Thing to do in Denmark

Roskilde Cathedral   panoramio
Are you a fan of classical music?
Here is a suggestion for you: download any requiem version on your iPod or mp3 player and come on our Denmark biking tour. Be it from Mozart or Bach or Verdi – pick the one you like or just anyone random.
We will visit a cathedral there, which is like nothing you have seen before. It actually is the sanctuary and “graveyard” of all kings and queens from Denmark, since the times of the wild Vikings (which we will visit just before). I am talking about the gothic cathedral of Roskilde.
Now imagine yourself walking through that sacred building, filled with royalty, pride, and devotion. Just walking through puts a spell of wonder on most people. But now, you put your headphones on and play that requiem you love. Be it Mozart or Verdi, the majesty of the music while walking through that amazing cathedral will probably blow your mind or at least it should leave you with a very special memory.
px Roskilde Dom
Personally, I believe that there is nothing but experiencing things in all their dimensions possible, including all senses possible. That’s why we like to do adventure vacations and cycling tours! You move your body, you hear, you see, you smell, taste and feel a country and its special features. Those memories are for life, those memories are for you!
By the way, the first king to be buried in the Dom was Harold I. Blauzahn, which means if you translate it “Bluetooth”. I don’t know if there is any connection to the modern telephone devices, he was king of Denmark and Norway in 910-987!
The present queen of Denmark, Margaret II has already ordered and designed her own future burial monument in the Dom. A model of this artwork, designed by Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard is on display since last year. The details and the absolute modern Danish form resemble what the country is all about: ancient culture mixed with modern stylish elements. Come and check it out yourself, its a masterpiece! Of course, this Dom is part of the UNESCO world heritage list!
So, now I am curious… who are the experimental people that will come with their iPods loaded and join me on our adventure in Denmark, this June and July?
Your friendly European guide,

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