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Costa Rica Adventures: 6 Pros of Off-Season Travel

Costa Rica Adventures: 6 Pros of Off-Season Travel


Fact: Most tourists flock to the balmy beaches and sun-soaked scenes of Central America during the height of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter. Why should you go with the flow when you could wait for the hordes to disperse and book your Costa Rica adventure after the crowds go away? From May till November, Costa Rica might be in the throes of the rainy season but we don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

Here are our top 6 reasons to plan your Costa Rica vacation for the off-season – come rain or shine!


1. Peace & Quiet

There’s nothing like exploring Costa Rica’s animated wildlife and eye-popping flora than when this plethora of natural sanctuaries is rid of the tour buses and chatter. Skip the crowded months of December till April and reap the rewards of more birdsong, more solitude, and more wildness.

2. Saving Dollars

Lower costs for airfare, lodging, tour packages and more are yours for the taking if you opt for off-season expeditions in Costa Rica. Use the money you save to book that deluxe room or massage at your choice of Costa Rica’s fine spread of luxury spas and ecolodges.

3. Green Season

When we say “green season,” we mean GREEN season. That is greens of all shades and bedazzling hues. The rains might wash away the roads leading some of Costa Rica’s most remote locations, but, thanks to the rain, the foliage pops with verdant mosses, lichens, ferns, and coconut trees accented with unabashed orchids and heliconias. Paradise awaits.

Costa Rica forest bridge

4. Costa Rica Au Natural

So you want to hike in the rainforest, and you want to zip line above a cloud forest. Why shouldn’t you experience both of these iconic biomes in their most natural states? Rainforests in the rain, cloud forests in their finest regalia. Simple logic.

5. Cooler Temps

From May till November, expect to see the sun in the morning and clouds building up as the sun moves across the sky. If you’ve ever visited Costa Rica in the dry season, you’ll know that these clouds are a gift from above, providing shade and reprieve from the sometimes too-harsh-for-comfort tropical sun._mg_0051-72-dpi_2251379894_o

6. Excuse for Hammock Time

After action-packed mornings surfing, zip lining, canyoning, hiking, biking, snorkeling, yoga-ing, and whatever else your body finds to groove to in the land of Pura Vida, take advantage of cloudy, rainy afternoons to cozy up on the porch in a hammock with a good book that you’ll pretend to read. Because no Costa Rica vacation is complete without a hammock snooze to the harmony of drizzling pitter-patter drops on giant jungle leaves. Happy ZZZ-ing!

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