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COVID Vacation | Safe Adventure Trips for all
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COVID Vacation | Safe Adventure Trips for all

Traveling Safely

It is time to Plan & Book Your Group COVID Vacation!

By Amanda Walsmith – 3 minutes read.

There’s a new trend hitting the travel industry that I can’t get enough of; COVID Vacations. These vacations are all planned around the new and strange world that we find ourselves living in. They are being planned for 2021 and 2022 to drudge off the quarantine blues while being safe and healthy. These vacations are innovative and unique, making it possible to have a beautiful and riveting vacation while social distancing, staying in a group of people you know, and focusing more on outdoor adventures.

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Uh…we’ve been doing that for the past three decades!  Who would have thunk that our customized and exclusive adventure travel package style would be trending amongst the masses?  Throughout the coronavirus pandemic and shutdown, our operations never ceased.  We were able to continue to operate safely and effectively in a COVID world and continue to do so while others are still trying to catch up to the times.  Here are the reasons to start planning and book your COVID vacation now: 

Time & Money

Unlike other years, most people haven’t been bogged down with weddings or summer trips to Disney.  So, the silver lining of living a quarantine life is that we haven’t spent as much or taken as much leave.  It is the perfect time to coordinate that group vacation in 2021 or 2022 because it will probably be the only time that everyone has a little more savings and no other trips planned, so a COVID vacation is doable.

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Everyone is Ready!

Again, this year is different.  While other years you’ll get half-hearted commitments to go on a trip, this year, everyone is ready!  They need that safe and feasible opportunity, and this is it.  People are prepared for adventure travel, and you can be the one that spearheads it all!

Low Deposit, Easy Payment Plan

Here, all we require is a $250 deposit, and your adventure travel dates are secured.  Our concierge can take payment from everyone as individuals and can even let them know what their monthly payment would need to be until your departure.  Payments are easy, and the trips are all-inclusive! 

All-Inclusive, All Exclusive

From the moment you land to the second that you leave, all elements will have coordinated by your concierge.  Travel from the airport? Check.  Food?  Check.  Excursions?  Check, no need to worry about any of the planning.  The only thing you need to do is choose where you want to go and what you want to do (which can be hard enough).  These trips are exclusive to you and your group so that you won’t be traveling with strangers.  This will minimize your exposure and keep you and yours as safe as possible while still having a fantastic family adventure.

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Adventure, Adventure, Adventure

This “new trend” of adventure travel in a COVID world has been our cup of tea from the get-go.  We have over 35 years of experience in adventure travel, so you can trust that we aren’t scrambling to make our vacations work.  These vacations have been optimized for adventure and exploration with the COVID vacation safety net already built-in.  We will take you off the beaten path and down the winding river with expert travel guides that are promised to make your adventure travel unforgettable.    

We never thought that we would be the COVID vacation outfit, but apparently, we have been prepping for this for years.  You can trust your first adventure travel in this brave, new world to us.  We will keep you as safe as possible and keep your spirit of adventure young.  We can’t wait to travel with you soon!

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