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Cowboy Corey’s Coke and Peanuts Cocktail
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Cowboy Corey’s Coke and Peanuts Cocktail

The final dog days of summer are holding strong here in “SOUTH DAKOTA VACATION” and I have the perfect remedy to beat the late season heat. A few years ago I was introduced to this peculiar treat while living in the mountains of North Carolina. This sweet and savory concoction explodes with flavor as it fizzes upon your taste buds.

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Coca Cola in a bottle served on ice (Mexican Coke is preferred because it has real sugar)
Salted Cocktail Peanuts
1 Take a hardy gulp of your Coca Cola
2 Open a package of salted cocktail peanuts and drop them down the bottleneck
3 Give your bottle a little shake to activate the foamy sensation
4 Slowly pour the dark syrupy Coke into your mouth while allowing a few nuts to disperse on your tongue
5 Close your eyes and experience the magic
What it does for you:
Adventuring can be exhausting especially in the heat, this treat will turn your fatigued mind and body into a fighter ready to fend off Chuck Norris. Coca Cola can be a great pick-me-up during a physical activity because the body primarily runs off glucose during exertion. The caffeine gives you a quick jolt into action, while the carbonation can soothe that aching stomach. Surprisingly, even the Tour de France riders turn to good old Coca-Cola when the going gets tough. Adding in Peanuts gives you a solid food to put in your tummy and acts as a slow burning fuel. The salt of the peanuts helps replenish the supply of sodium one loses while sweating. There you have it folks, my favorite remedy to getting through a grind on the trail.

Picture of Nick Gulping down the coke

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Till next time, your friendly South Dakota guide.
Cowboy Corey

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