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Cuba, A Treat for the Senses – Tastes
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Cuba, A Treat for the Senses – Tastes

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Have another mojito! What seems to be Cuba’s national drink (lime juice, soda, rum, sugar cane and crushed mint leaves) was the first thing served with every lunch and dinner (we took a break at breakfast). But it is a taste that is truly Cuba along with the local beer – a strong 5.4% alcohol brew called Bucanero and the traditional daiquiri (you have to go to the bar Floridita where they were invented and enjoyed regularly by Hemingway).

But with drink you must have food and with this, Cuba won’t disappoint!  Try the smoked chicken, roast pork or slow cooked beef seasoned with garlic, cumin, oregano and laurel leaves. With sides of yucca, plantain and white rice and black beans you have a traditional feast! It was strange that nowhere could I find a bottle of hot sauce but with so much flavor already I really didn’t miss it. It’s also worthwhile to point out that all fruits and veggies are organically grown by government decree. On our Austin-Lehman Cuba adventure we visited a neighborhood organic farm that would rival anything in the states.  I’d also be remiss at not mentioning the variety of fresh seafood. If you are worrying about starving (or losing weight) in Cuba – forget it! This one of the few adventure vacations packages that is a true culinary delight!

I had to share one of my favorites meals during my Cuba tour.

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Dave Wiggins

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