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Cuba, A Treat for the Senses – Sights
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Cuba, A Treat for the Senses – Sights

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I can safely say that Cuba is like no other place you’ve ever been. Havana especially is prime and is now open to visit if you go with the right adventure travel company! It must have been Latin America’s grandest city back in the late 50’s (BC – Before Castro). Broad tree-lined boulevards, exquisite hotels and magnificent churches, shady pedestrian parks, opera and concert halls and glorious mansions. A real playground for the rich, famous and corrupt.  Now they sit crumbling, many occupied by multiple extended families.  Old Havana is a treat for the eyes both for the student of architecture and design and for the everyday people watcher. Cuba would also make for an amazing adventure vacation for couples.

Today the past glory still exists but 50 years of neglect, sagging economy, and a useless and hurtful U.S. embargo have taken their toll. They are doing what they can to restore buildings one by one but it may be impossible to save most of the city to eventual collapse. But there’s still lots to see and appreciate and museums are everywhere – from classic old cars (another thing that makes Cuba unlike anywhere else) to art, music and chocolate. You must take a photo of the old Russian Embassy – probably the ugliest display of cold war architecture on earth. But it’s the weirdness and beauty that will always be ingrained in my mind. Seeing these sights was what made my Cuba tour a once in a lifetime trip!

For more photos of the Cars of Cuba, check out of flickr account: Cars of Cuba

Dave Wiggins

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