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The Benefits of Custom Adventures

The Benefits of Custom Adventures

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From that perfect 50th birthday celebration on a private beach in Belize to retracing the family roots in the Scottish Highlands or anniversary extravaganza exploring Utah’s Big Five, a vacation tailored specifically to your dreams and need might be in order to pull off everything exactly as you pictured. There is, after all, nothing more meaningful than the trip-of-a-lifetime customized to fit you and yours, so if you’ve been dragging your feet on taking the plunge, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t wait another day to get the ball rolling:

5. You know what you want. You just don’t want to figure out the details.

The catch-22 of going on an amazing adventure is that someone has to manage every little detail. If this isn’t your cup of tea, relax. It’s ours. We love nothing more than carefully crafting every moment of your journey to make it one you’ll never forget. We already do this with our small group trips, of course, but we get extra excited to put that familiar touch on your experience so you and your loved ones know that this trip was made just for you.

4. It’s way easier than you think.

Whether you’re bringing together multigenerational families, organizing a corporate retreat with pizzazz, getting the girls together for the first time in years, or plotting that surprise birthday for your significant other, your only job at the helm is to come up with your activity wish list, destination possibilities and timelines. Give our adventure specialists a call and let us know who’s going and how to get a hold of them for the nitpicky details, like deposits, insurance, paperwork, etc. – and then let us handle the rest!

3. Make it unforgettable – in all of the good ways!

If logistics and details aren’t really your thing, don’t risk the headache of overlooking something that could end up being a major hiccup in the plan. Keep in mind that we’ve done this for over 30 years and are here to remember the things you might otherwise forget. From timing that sunset toast over the Na’Pali Coast from the seat of a private helicopter to making sure you have the visas and vaccinations you might need for that African safari, we’re here to gently remind you that, yes, you might want a guide who speaks Italian if you want to bike those secluded, country roads to select, off-the-beaten-path vineyards in Tuscany.

2. Planning a custom vacation provides plenty of excuses to throw a party..or two..or three…

When guests call us with their initial bare-bones plan for an epic adventure, the story usually starts with discussions over dinner after a couple of cocktails when the dream vacation ideas start spinning and then someone says, “We should all go together!” And then before you know it, you’re the one calling us in hopes we can pull off whatever grandiose scheme you and your friends or family plotted. The second party comes when we’ve narrowed down your selection to a few itinerary options and budget. Then there’s the announcement party of where you’re going together, followed eventually by the bon voyage party, and then the trip, of course, and the inevitable recap parties to follow for years to come. Cheers!

1. Go big – Go FREE!

When you book 10 guests with us, the 11th guest gets to travel for free! So don’t stress about squeezing everybody into one small group adventure. Rather, gather your favorite people in the world and get excited to experience something magical that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. Your reward for being at the helm? A ticket to ride along and see their blissed-out smiles, never tiring of hearing how amazing you are for putting this trip-of-a-lifetime together.

For more tips on how to get started, checkout Carol Austin’s blog on custom travel.

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