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Cycle Your Way around Provence
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Cycle Your Way around Provence

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Although the Eiffel Tower has become a recognized symbol of France, there is so much more to see and do in this charming European country. Rich in cultural and architectural history, Provence is a great destination for your European vacation. Avignon, the capital of Provence, charms visitors when they come to this city, and one of the most exciting and unique ways to see the tourist spots in Provence is with our cycling tours.

You can first visit the Palais de Papes and marvel at its Gothic architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest Gothic palace in Europe.   Another UNESCO World Heritage to visit is the Pont du Gard aqueduct. Aqueducts are water channels that transport water from a source to the city. Pont du guard aqueduct, in particular, transported water from a spring in Uzi to the city of Nimes.  Although this aqueduct has not been used since the 9th century, the structure still stands as resiliently as when it was first built in 19 B.C.

Beyond the great architectural wonders lie rolling hills and picturesque views.  As you bike through the scenic paths, the sweet smell in the air will eventually lead your tired cycler’s legs to the busy markets for the tantalizing tastes of French culinary delights.  Delectable creations to tickle your taste buds await you as you cycle your way to different French farms and farmers markets.

These are just a few of the wonderful experiences you can try in Provence. Visitors to this region of the world return home inspired, enriched and satisfied. We offer adventure vacation packages to this marvelous and enjoyable destination. Learn more today by visiting our online travel catalog.

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