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Italy Bike Tours

For me when I think of biking tours, I think of Tuscany bike tours. Maybe it’s the scenic routes, the history, the architecture, cuisine, maybe it’s even the wine… but regardless of why Tuscany comes to mind; it is a remarkable place to bike though. I got the opportunity to go on our Tuscany tour last year and I was a bit blown away. I had been to Italy before but had only gotten to go to Milan for a couple of days. No disrespect on Milan, but Tuscany was best explained by one of our guest on the trip “This is like a fairy tale… this is the Italy I’ve always dreamed off.” That quote was while biking from Siena to San Gimignano on one of my favorite routes I’ve ever ridden.

Tuscany Bike Tours

The nostalgia of the Tuscany region is what really makes biking there special, what makes it a treat is after a long day of biking enjoying a glass of vino from a local vineyard that you rode by earlier that day.

Farewell dinner at Hotel Paggeria Medicea in Artimino
Tuscany Wine Tasting Tours

I personally think that seeing a country by bike is the best way to see a country, you get an intimate experience with the routes, the towns, the people and it gives you the ability to see things at your pace. You just can’t get that same experience by a bus tour or even renting a car and driving through a country.

Want to see a little bit more of our Tuscany bike tours? Check out our photo gallery on Tuscany

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P.S. Leave a comment and tell me why you would love do a bike tour in Tuscany, we’re always excited to hear why people want to travel.

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