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Dads in Motion: Adam Beecham
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Dads in Motion: Adam Beecham

Dads in Motion Blog

Our Dads in Motion blog series highlights Austin Adventures staff dads each week. These fathers have been raising young children in the midst of a pandemic, an era when work and home life has been blurred significantly. These blogs also pay homage to all parents in similar situations and to intrepid parents who have lost access to their traditional travel plans, where family memories are specially made.

At Austin Adventures, family is the backbone of all we do. The hallmark of being completely family-owned and operated continues to drive the ethos of Austin Adventures.
Austin Adventures staff, guides, and guests thrive in a culture that emulates that of a family: Empathetic, supportive, attentive to detail and concerns, and inclusive.

By Rachel Helgeson
5 minute read

Adam has spent many years building relationships in the travel industry and guiding tours. His passion for travel has quite literally changed his life, as he moved from Minnesota to The Netherlands and works as Austin Adventures’ European Operations Manager.

So, of course he wants travel to be just as important to his young daughter, Penelope, as it is to him.

Born a year before the 2020 pandemic swept the globe, Penelope Beecham has since visited four continents. But when signs of COVID-19 intensified and travel shut down, so did more chances to see the world at large as a family.
Her father Adam didn’t let this stop their adventures together.

When travel to Europe was prohibited, Adam had more time on his hands away from work — and more opportunities to bring the world of discovery and exploration to his daughter who was just a few months old.

Austin Adventures slowed his work schedule to just three days a week after handling re-bookings, new plans, and cancellations to European destinations.

Because the Dutch executed an “intelligent lockdown” that solely consisted of social distancing, many places remained open to the public. Adam safely took advantage of the situation.

“On each of my days with Penelope we went on an adventure together. I basically treated her like an Austin Adventures guest, complete with picnics in remote wilderness locations, plenty of ‘WOW!’ moments like surprise visits to waterparks, beaches, long bike rides, big hikes, jogs through the forest, or the local libraries,” he explained.

Through his journey of adventuring in Holland with his young daughter in 2020, Adam found a deep passion for family-friendly exploration and its benefits.

“I feel very in-tune with her needs and can better anticipate them had I not spent those extra days with her. My daughter now perks up and drops everything when she hears that we’re going on an adventure. She quickly rushes to the door to put on her shoes and coat, and is excited to find out what it is we’re doing next,” Adam added. “I’m a big believer, just as Austin Adventures is, that families that play together, stay together. I’m also a big believer in a society providing places for families to have these adventures.”

Adam finds himself grateful for the opportunity to experience the first couple years of Penelope’s life in a uniquely adventurous style.

“I feel lucky to have spent more time with my daughter over the past year, as everything I read tells me that the first three years are very formative for her development. I’m very proud to say that she is a very happy child, and loves to adventure, just like her dad..”

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