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Dads in Motion: Curtis Fox
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Dads in Motion: Curtis Fox

Dads in Motion Blog

Our Dads in Motion blog series highlights Austin Adventures staff dads each week. These fathers have been raising young children in the midst of a pandemic, an era when work and home life has been blurred significantly. These blogs also pay homage to all parents in similar situations and to intrepid parents who have lost access to their traditional travel plans, where family memories are specially made.

At Austin Adventures, family is the backbone of all we do. The hallmark of being completely family-owned and operated continues to drive the ethos of Austin Adventures.
Austin Adventures staff, guides, and guests thrive in a culture that emulates that of a family: Empathetic, supportive, attentive to detail and concerns, and inclusive.

By Rachel Helgeson
5 minute read

The world took many losses in the last year, more than is possible to count. Many of us learned to live with less: Less time socializing, less income, less access to loved ones and world travel.

But Curtis Fox, like many parents around the world, received one unexpected gift during the pandemic: The gift of more time with his first-born son.

Theo was born a few months prior to Curtis being let go in early 2020 from a high-demand job. Suddenly, the used-to-be workaholic found himself playing dad full-time.

“I got the opportunity to see a lot happen in the life cycle of a small infant into a toddler. He started crawling, making noises that resemble words, his personality started to shine through, eating solid foods. There was an energy and development explosion,” Curtis explained.

Before 2020, Curtis spent most of his weekdays (and weeknights) working or commuting to and from work while living in Boston. His dedication to work resulted in him excelling wherever he was employed.

“Extra hours (working) have been my life savior for many years to get projects done on time,” Curtis said. “When we had our son all of a sudden you’re working less hours and there are bigger responsibilities than just work all the time.”

Having moved their family to Vermont, Curtis and Theo spent much of their new time together outdoors. The pair traveled over 700 miles in the summer of 2020 on top of many skiing, hiking, and biking adventures.

“For Mother’s Day I bought us an Osprey kid carry backpack and used that every single day with my wife and Theo,” Curtis said. “We wanted to protect our son from going into the city which had risks and factors, and felt like we could have a normal family existence in Vermont.”

But when Curtis accepted a position as Vice President of International Operations with Austin Adventures, time with his son inevitably grew smaller.

“We developed a close relationship and Theo was very attached to me specifically. It was really hard to put him back in daycare, he cried every time I dropped him off because he was used to me and hadn’t been in daycare since March. It’s important for socialization but we have a tight bond.”

Curtis has been working remotely for Austin Adventures from Vermont full-time since the fall of 2020 and has since found a balance between his worktime and family time. The company affords him time to get off work a little early occasionally to take his family for a Christmas tree cutting activity or go skiing on the nearby runs.

“To have uninterrupted time with Theo since March — getting up and going to bed every night with my kid — is something that wouldn’t have happened without COVID-19. It’s undoubtably the silver lining in all of this.”

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