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Dan Austin’s Advice for the Holidays

Dan Austin’s Advice for the Holidays


Dan Blog Post Yellowstone Winter Hike PhotoWhen the web team asks me to pen a blog, it’s never a question of can I pen something, it’s more of a question of “How can I choose from an endless list of topics?” It seems when you make a living doing what you love (and it involves adventure and travel) no shortage of inspiration comes to mind, quite the contrary. With that in mind, I’m just going to peck away at the keys and see what comes out. Like I always say, life is an adventure!

‘Tis is the season, season for endless ads and commercials saying, ‘give this’ or ‘go here.’ The holidays are fast upon us and everyone is trying to get their product in front of you, in the hopes you will buy. To me it comes down to “The Law of the Excluded Alternative.” Simply meaning that if you buy this, you can’t buy that.

It seems we all deal with this at some level every day. It just might hit a little closer to home for me as my business is all about making memories – lifetime, world class memories.As friends and family gather around the table this holiday season, you will hear all about their last family adventure to Yellowstone, or how they enjoyed honeymooning as they hiked in the Canadian Rockies. You may even hear about the African safari which is still in the planning stages.

Dan Blog Post Africa Safari Elephant Photo


What you rarely hear about is that tablet they bought last year and how well it has kept up with technology. Or about that car they bought last year and how much they still enjoy it. When it comes to material possessions, the newness wears off long before the warranty runs out.

I feel blessed to be in the business of creating those lifelong memories, memories that bond with family and friends. Here’s what I always share with the team here at Austin Adventures: we are in the business of selling life-changing adventure vacations, not aluminum siding.


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As you get together with your family and friends this holiday season, think about that. Think about what you did last year. Did you get enough adventure in your life? If yes, please share it with us, we would love to hear all about it! If not, what will you do differently this year?

Until next time, keep the adventure alive”¦

Dan Austin

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