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Dan’s Monthly Muse April 1st, 2021
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Dan’s Monthly Muse April 1st, 2021

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Dear friends, family, and fellow adventurers,

Wow, it’s already April? Seriously? I will save you the pain of any silly April Fools jokes!

As we roll out of winter mode, we’re seeing the first flowers of spring and hear more and more positive news about vaccine distribution and getting this crazy virus under control. We could not be more excited about our summer season ahead! Our scheduled departures are filling up nicely and the custom and exclusive requests are rolling in at record numbers. We have had the good fortune of adding some amazing talent to our already-talented team. Kasey has just about wrapped up our annual guide hiring process and we are blown away by the quality of guides we are adding to our veteran crew. Adventure travel is alive and well, if not thriving post-COVID-19.

Speaking of post-COVID travel, I have mentioned a few times that my family and I are headed down to Baja to launch our new program there in a couple of weeks. It’s been 14 months since I have been on an airplane and I am as excited as a kid in a candy store. Traveling with my entire family is making it even more exciting. My “kids” both have birthdays over the last week and next and while they are no longer “kids”, I still enjoy every minute of every trip we get to take together. We don’t just talk the family travel talk, we walk the walk and family adventure is a way of life for us. The memories we have created these last 30 years and the ones we hope to continue to create for the next 30 are what keep me going! I honestly hope you can get out with your family in the months ahead — and if with us, all the better.

As many travelers and industry aficionados may be aware, last week there was some wild news in the international adventure travel headlines. A major established player made the abrupt decision to withdraw all of their international tours. Over 3,000 booked travelers had trips canceled at a moment’s notice, and the supporting small tour operators (already hit hard by COVID) around the globe lost much-needed business. The travel industry is a tight-knit community. When we see things like this, our hearts go out to our partners and the impacted travelers. I would like to remind anyone who’s comfortable traveling abroad this year that Austin Adventures remains operational, active, and committed to offering safe once-in-a-lifetime international travel experiences.

Since we partner with many of the same local tour operators who were recently impacted by this major decision, we have rolled up our collective sleeves to see what we can do to help both our partners and the travelers affected by these cancellations. We won’t be able to “take over” every canceled tour, but we are picking up a few departures in key destinations and can definitely help guests who still want to get out there and travel. We already started promoting similar itineraries in Costa RicaBaja, and Iceland this week and have seen over a dozen bookings as a direct result. If you had your trip canceled or are just interested in seeing what we have to offer, please give us a call and let’s see what we can do together. You can hit “reply” to this email as well and I will see to your requests.

OK that’s about it for today, next month I will share pics of our Baja adventure. As always thanks for listening and above all else thank you for your support. We hope you and yours are safe, sane, and ready to explore.

P.S. There is still time to vote in this year’s Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards and get a chance to win your own $10,000 Dream Vacation. We tried to make it easy for you to submit your entry, just click here and follow the link. We hope we have earned your vote and if not, call me and let me know what we can do better.

Namaste my friends, namaste,

Dan Austin

CEO & Founder

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