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Dan’s Saturday Muse January 16th, 2021
Archived E-Newsletter

Dan’s Saturday Muse January 16th, 2021


Greetings Adventure Family,


If you opened this week’s Muse hoping to find any form of political commentary you are going to be sadly disappointed. I hereby declare this space free of political rhetoric! For the next couple minutes you can read this with no threat of me sharing my views or trying to change yours. My gift to you 😉


I might be dating myself here, but who remembers that Dr. Hook classic “Cover of the Rolling Stone”? I remember it well (careful… once you get the lyrics into your head you will be singing it the rest of the day). Though we didn’t quite make the cover of Rolling Stone, we did get a nice writeup and a shot on the cover of CIOLook MagazineWe are always honored to get recognized for our tireless efforts and I’m proud to see our team receive accolades wherever they’re due.


Wow where has the time gone?! A year ago Carol and I were on the road getting ready for a busy season, before life came to what felt like a screeching halt across the world. First we were in New York City meeting with the media, agents and alumni, then we headed up to Calgary for a private Virtuoso event (Virtuoso is a consortium of some of the best agents on the planet and we are a preferred supplier). Then we headed off for a quick break in Baja, only to come home as the wheels were starting to come off the bus. Though 2020 felt like a long year while we were living it, it now feels as if it were all a dream (one I’d prefer we didn’t relive). We are busy as ever building and booking adventures. Travelers are clearly banking on travel being a feasible option and even nearly close to normal by this spring. We’re remaining extremely confident we will be back on the road sharing adventures around the country and around the globe soon enough.


I get asked all the time, “What will be different on your tours, what changes have you made since last year?” That’s a tough question, but one we’re not afraid to tackle! Many of the safety and sanitation procedures we put in place last summer will likely remain permanent. We will continue to focus on small groups as we always have, a signature Austin feature (our average groups are sized between 10-15 guests). We also elected to keep our flexible booking policies in place, through March 2021! Anyone who books on or before March 31 will be eligible for these flexible policies no matter when their trip actually takes place. Though a few things may be different for 2021 travel, one thing I can absolutely guarantee you, and that is we will continue to be the #1 customer-centric adventure travel provider on the planet.


As for trends? The most popular trend we’ve seen started last year, and they’re ramping up: Custom or exclusive adventures! Simply put, a custom adventure is one curated specially for you and yours with your direct wish list as our trip-building guide. You can choose the number of days for your adventure, the activities, and even the number of travelers in your private group. It’s all up to you. Exclusives, on the other hand, allow your private group to take over one of our scheduled departures. You just let us know the destination and dates and we work to make it all yours. You can download the custom trip planning guide here or visit the custom webpage to schedule a call with one of our Adventure Travel Consultants here.


One last thing before I let you go: February is almost here, which means it’s almost time to celebrate our signature Travel Professional Appreciation Month! I want to give a quick shout out to the travel professional community — they’ve had a rough go of it this last year, every bit as rough as we have had. But they are passionate and resilient and they are ready to help you get out there! We have made many good friends over the years in that community and we consider them all part of our extended family. We want you to know that whether you want to book directly with us or you’d prefer help from your favorite travel professional, we are pleased to provide you with memorable adventures either way.


That’s more than enough for now, I’ll see you again (or at least invade your email inbox) in a few short weeks. Until then, stay safe, stay positive, and remember travel and adventure is good for the soul!


Namaste my friends, namaste.

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