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Dan’s Saturday Muse July 11th, 2020
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Dan’s Saturday Muse July 11th, 2020

Once again, good Saturday morning (yes, it’s a good Saturday morning),

Here I am again, invading your inbox with my thoughts and observations from these last few weeks. Each week I remain hopeful right up until I start penning my Musings, that my message might be a bit different and a bit more focused on this current crisis being behind us. Well, unfortunately, as we all know, that just isn’t the case. I see progress and hope on many fronts, but I continue to see challenges as well. I am confident we all share similar observations.

I did get a break this last week – Kasey and I had the pleasure of joining some guests (a family from LA) for an awesome horseback ride, raft trip, and then the best dang riverside BBQ I have ever had (ha, compliments of our Marketing Guru Mike). It was a day out of the office, away from the computer, away from email and especially away from the nonstop news cycles. I was reminded why we do what we do and how important getting out and experiencing and enjoying our planet really is. Yes, maybe we need to stick a little closer to home and save that Italy vacation for a bit, but get “out” none the less.

As I noted last time, getting outside, even if just for a day near home, has been proven to have serious health benefits (too many to list), mental and physical! The biggest for me is the stress relief. Those that know me well know I avoid stress at all costs. In this business, stress would be your downfall (what business is stress-free, count me in). I get 200-300 plus emails and endless calls each day and have a to-do list a mile long – that alone is stressful. That said, a day in the field melts that all away and the euphoric state actually lasts far past the actual time in the field.

I challenge you all, take a break, take a walk…. If possible take a walk in the woods; if not practical, the local park can work. The key is “space,” wide-open “space.” Get some FRESH AIR. Get away from the city and crowds, take the mask off, and just breathe. The smells and freshness will be intoxicating, I promise. Trust that everything, all the challenges, all the work, everything will still be there when you return.

All that said, I just want to share a quick note on Austin Adventures. We are here, we are doing as well as can be expected, perhaps even a bit better than that. The TEAM has been shining bright, truly amazing to see the attitudes and effort they are putting in every day. From the guides in the field to the staff manning the phones, everyone is working together and growing exponentially. I honestly could not be prouder.

We made the conscious decision early on to Not Let This Crisis Kill Us, more focused and determined to make sure it Defines Us! I would be lying if I said it’s been easy and I won’t. But it has been rewarding. Yes, the team has been great, but so have our guests. Those that elected to travel and those that decided it was best to postpone. I have personally had more positive interactions with guests these last few months than in years. You are all awesome and I am thankful for each and every one of you, every day.

OK, that’s enough (bit sappy today, eh?) but before I go a couple of quick reminders.

As promised Kasey and I hosted a webinar yesterday on the Who, What, How, Where, and Why – the total 411 on Austin Adventures. We had over 400 intrepid travelers and friends joining us for what went on for over an hour and a half (hey, we promised to stay on as long as there were questions), we finished up after answering (or trying to) some 50 plus great questions. You can see the entire 90 minutes here (or better yet, just fast forward to the Q&A, my favorite part of any webinar.) It sure was fun to work with Kasey on this one, she is way better on camera than me. (I can hear all the “and cuter too” comments all the way here in MT.)

Also, don’t forget to nominate an Essential Service Provider (ESP) that you feel warrants a family trip to Yellowstone when this is all over (check out some of the great submissions posted on the site) . You can nominate here. We’ve received dozens of great and worthy ESP’s and some really inspiring stories. Don’t forget, there’s no limit to how many ESP’s you can nominate, so let’s see… there is the UPS Guy, The Mail Lady, The Walmart Checker, the ER Doc…. The list is long.

That’s more than enough for today… (or maybe a few weeks right?). Stay strong out there and take care of yourselves and those you love.


Dan Austin

CEO & Founder

P.S. If you did join the webinar Thursday you heard the news we are holding 2020 pricing on 2021 Trips and lowering the deposit from $500.00 to $250.00, just to help you get something on the books and have something to look forward to. We are holding this offer through the end of the year.

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