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Dan’s Saturday Muse June 13th, 2020
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Dan’s Saturday Muse June 13th, 2020

Good morning friends, family and fellow adventurous spirits,

When I sat down to pen this week’s Musing, the lyrics by the late, great Jerry Garcia kept rolling around in my head.

“Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me,

Other times, I can barely see,

Lately, it occurs to me,

What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

That just seemed to best sum up this emotional roller coaster we have all be on for what now seems like an eternity. (Ha! You can blame me if you keep singing that tune the rest of the day!)

Overcoming challenges

We are all going through a lot of challenges. They’re challenges we may or may not have seen coming… and challenges that affect us all in one way or another. Anyone who truly knows me knows my favorite saying on the planet from old school motivational speaker/author Napoleon Hill.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”. I always add that we just need to look for it and embrace it.

Whether it’s the challenge of the pandemic we have faced for the last three months – or the more recent challenges that have brought protests and civil unrest into the streets of our cities – out of both will come change and greatness once again. I believe that. I avoid political commentary like the plague, but I do trust we are a great nation, made up of diverse and great people, and we will indeed come together once again and soon.

Travel: The Long Game

At Austin Adventures, we “just keep truckin’ on” It was so great to see our guides show up this week, grinning ear to ear as they loaded up and headed into our national parks to start hosting adventurous spirits.

Whether you choose to travel or are ready to travel, that’s a personal choice. It really is up to you, and . we support you either way. Should you choose to travel, we are ready. In fact, we are more ready than we have ever been. If you are not quite ready, we respect that. And we encourage you to start thinking about 2021. We will be here and we will be ready to host you and yours in 2020, 2021, and beyond. For us, travel is more than an adventure. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a long game. We’re here for you whatever the future holds, and we are ready to be right alongside you for the experiences ahead.

Honoring Essential Services Providers

A few weeks ago, I hinted that we were working on something special. Now, I am excited and proud to share our way of saying THANK YOU to all of he Essential Service Providers out there. Today, we are going live with our America’s Essential Workers Contest. We are recognizing those who never rested or who didn’t have the luxury of sheltering in place. America’s essential workers have sacrificed their health and their family time for the rest of us. This is our way of saying thank you… and you can help!

We are asking you to nominate an ESP who really stands out to you as going above and beyond. Think of the professional drivers who never stopped driving and ensured communities had the supplies they needed. Or think of the nurses who pulled double shifts while the rest of us were tucked in at home.

The winning essential worker will be rewarded with an all-inclusive trip for a family of four on a six day/five-night Yellowstone National Park adventure vacation in 2021. Thanks to our good friends and partners at , the winning family will also be outfitted with a Life Is Good/American Tourister luggage set. This is the time to reward not just the individual, but the families who sacrificed, as well.

Nominators can submit nominations for candidates here. Criteria involve describing how the nominee is a worthy recipient and providing contact information for both nominators and nominees. Nominators also have the option of uploading pictures of their nominees. Nominations close October 1, 2020. An impartial team at Austin Adventures will review all nominations and put the top 25 into a drawing to be held by October 15. The top 25 finalists will win a Life is Good High Sierra backpack filled with Life is Good and Austin Adventures swag, as well as a $500 gift card toward any 2021 domestic adventure with Austin Adventures.

Along with our partners at LIG, this is just our way of saying thank you. Honestly, it will never be enough, but for one lucky family of four, 2021 is going to be a year of adventure that they will never forget. Again, please go to our website and nominate your favorite ESP. ** Nominate as many ESP’s as you like, we all know and respect too many ESP’s to count!

Looking ahead

If these last weeks and months have taught us anything, it’s that we may not know what’s ahead, but that we know that we can handle anything. At Austin Adventures, we are proud that we are nimble and can quickly readjust to meet changing conditions, while continuing to provide you with exceptional experiences.

Like our old friend Jerry Garcia would say, we have to “hang it up and see what tomorrow brings.” And no matter what that is – no matter the challenges or the unknowns – Austin Adventures will be here, and we’ll have a great adventure waiting for you whenever you’re ready.


Dan Austin

CEO & Founder

P.S. Don’t forget to nominate your Essential Service Provider Here!

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