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Dan’s Saturday Muse October 31st, 2020
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Dan’s Saturday Muse October 31st, 2020

Dan's Muse

Happy Halloween to all my adventurous friends and family,

Halloween seems a bit anticlimactic this year since we have all been wearing masks for months right? Not sure trick-or-treating will work via Zoom calls. Bobbing for apples is definitely out. (I think I just dated myself… when was the last time anyone really bobbed for apples?) I guess this just means I get to keep and eat that big bag of Costco Candy…

Here at Austin Adventures headquarters we are amazed at the resiliency and ambition our travelers have shown through these tough eight months. Every time a new country opens its borders, the phones ring and the emails come in. This last week we sold international trips to CroatiaGalapagos, and Costa Rica. Of course our domestic adventures have been selling at a record pace as well. That’s pretty darn exciting for us — there is hope! I don’t need to remind you how important travel is to us all; yes it is our professional livelihood, but it’s also our personal passion! My wife Carol reminds me daily this is the longest I have gone without getting on an airplane in 30 years. That said, I just booked our family a trip to beautiful Baja to debut our new adventure there. We won’t travel until February, but hey it’s definitely something to look forward to! Where are you planning on traveling to when it works for you?

While our staff has been waiting to break out on their own travel plans, we’ve been keeping busy at the office working on lots of internal initiatives. One we’re quite proud of is our enhanced commitment to sustainable travel and best practices. Check out our new Responsible Travel page. We’re making good progress going paperless for external documents, including our itineraries and pre-trip planners. Keep your eyes out in the months ahead for our launch of our customer portal that will help guests navigate these documents. The team also just finished some new enhancements to our digital catalog, see the upgrades here. Our website is receiving some TLC too as the web guys keep working on upgrades, with a new home page and user experience rolling out in the weeks ahead. Be sure to check in often at www.austinadventures.com as it’s the first place we update new product offerings (and there are a bunch up and more coming)!

And for all the effort we’ve put into our company, it continues to be recognized by big names. It’s a humbling experience to watch unfold! A couple weeks ago I was awarded with a spot on Travel and Leisure’s A-List, recognized as a leader and specialist in travel. This recognition is possible because of the Austin Adventures staff and guides who have done a superb job putting the Austin knowledge to work on each of our trips.

Before I sign off here, just a quick heads-up: The office will be closed Tuesday, November 3rd, Election Day. We are giving our staff the day off to vote, help at the polls, or help others vote. You can always call my cell or email me if you need anything, I am here for you 24/7! From my last count I have traveled to over 65 countries and to this day none come close to the good ole USA, but our greatness starts with taking advantage of our right to vote. Something we all should be thankful for. Regardless of whether your guy wins or not, lets get it behind us and work together to live up to our collective full potential. And that’s my political service message for the day. 😉

Namaste, my friends, Namaste

Dan Austin

CEO & Founder

2021 Digital Catalog

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