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Dan’s Saturday Muse September 5th, 2020
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Dan’s Saturday Muse September 5th, 2020

Dan's Muse

Dear Adventure Family,


As promised, here you go…ramblings from my desk to your inbox.


First, the results are in and for the 2nd year in a row Austin Adventures landed in the top 3 of USA Today’s Poll of World’s Best Tour Operators. We didn’t get the top spot, but we beat out some of the legends (& giants) in the industry. We are committed to working hard, not just to get the media accolades, but more importantly, to get and keep your vote of confidence and your continued support.  That is really the top prize in our eyes.


We sent out a marketing email this last week called “Need something to look forward to? Why book now?” Wow, it “blew up” our website (record one day traffic).  Clearly, we hit a nerve and intrepid travelers are “over” putting off travel or at least over putting off thinking about travel. That is music to our ears. We are ready to turn the corner right there with you. While we did indeed manage to pull off some pretty amazing adventures this year, it is sure going to be nice to get back to business as usual. The Austin Team is beyond ready to help you from that first phone call to those dreaded final good byes at trip’s end.  Remember, “The Toughest Part is Going Home”.  Not sure that tag line has ever been more accurate.  All 2021 adventures and dates are now posted on the website. Through the end of the year we have reduced our deposit to $250 per person and it’s a no risk deposit at that. Check out the details here.



Remember the survey we shared last fall (seems like a lifetime ago)? The number one take away is our travelers encouraged us to go 100% paperless. The office team has been working diligently to accomplish this lofty task.  Future travelers will soon enjoy a seamless process with a customer portal site to process all the “paperwork” that goes along with adventure travel. One of the casualties of this new mandate is our “print” catalog.  For over 36 years we have all looked forward to sharing our classy, high-gloss, award-winning catalog about this time of year. I am not going to lie; this was hardest on me as I always chaired and enjoyed the effort to create our annual print catalog.  That said, I will look forward to adding to our bottom line as not only are we saving trees, we are saving big bucks!  But wait, before you groan and question what is the world coming to, take a look at our brand-new digital addition here. We didn’t skimp on design (hats off to Jim Heins of Heins Creative, our designer for the last 20 years).  We put the same effort into creating this awesome piece, only we loaded it into a cool digital book platform and skipped the printer.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Again, find it here.


I am sure I could ramble on for days as we do have a lot to share.  I am going to keep it real and just say THANK YOU.  We finished up our 2020 summer season (a few more fall trips to go) and our guests were nothing shy of amazing. Rave reviews fill my inbox every day.  I don’t mean the typical formal evaluation forms (we get those too); I mean letters straight from the heart.  Those personal notes mean the world to us, we share and share again throughout the office team and with the guides in the field, the real heavy lifters.  Your support has never meant more than right now.
In closing, I just wanted to make it clear that we pride ourselves in being your adventure travel company of choice (and we know you have lots of choices). PLEASE reach out anytime to touch base, to share ideas, to give feedback, or to ask questions; it’s all good! It’s pretty simple; just hit reply and… BAM, you have my attention.
I leave you with this simple quote from Saint Augustine “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Dan Austin

CEO & Founder

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