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Beautiful start to our Tuscany tour! Our guest arrived early this afternoon and you could see the excitement to start the tour. We are hosting only six guests this tour, with a 1:6 guide ratio. With that ratio you can expect personal attention from our guides (which is the ALA way) We started our Florence tour with a 3 hour walking tour, with a local guide. Our guide for the walking tour knew Florence like the back of her hand, it was a full history lesson on Florence and we hit many of the highlights of Florence: Duomo, the Baptistery, Church of Santa Maria Novella, Church of San Marco and many more.

The Bargello Palace
The Bargello Palace

Satatue in Florence, Italy

Statue in Florence

Stone Carving by Michelangelo in wall

Graffi by Michelangelo

In the middle of the tour we decided to reward ourselves with some gelato and our guide took us to the best gelato in town: Grom (I got the pistachio and hazelnut)

Florence is an amazing city, adorned with: cathedrals, famous art, statues and fashion. Everywhere you look there is a brilliant marbled church, a statue and art from Michelangelo, fresco paintings and fashion stores galore. The church we ended our walking tour at, Santa Maria Novella; is where Michelangelo first started painting.
Church of Santa Maria Novella

Church of Santa Maria Novella

Street artist in Florence

Street artist in Florence

After the walk we had an hour break at our hotel and then took the guest to a little wine bar called Nabucco, where we had some bruschetta and a glass of prosecco. It was amazing to be drinking prosecco outside a little café on a quiet street in Florence. As we let out a “salute”, you could feel the group coming together. After the prosecco, we headed out to an extravagant dining experience and I say dining experience because it was a 4 course meal! The food was fantastic; I had the cobellecho di ricotta (ravioli with spinach and a creamy yellow sauce that had a hint of lemon) With a nice glass of fine white wine to wash it all down with. Dessert was an absolute masterpiece, most of the group got the cake of the week, which was a crème based cake, stuffed with hazelnuts and cookie crumbles on top. It was a delightful dinner and the restaurant was very nice. Our group talked and shared stories from their families back home and their excitement for the cycling to come. I think it was a great first day! Tomorrow we set out on the road and cycle into Siena. I am really excited to start the cycling and to see the electric bikes in action.

Keep checking back here for more on my Tuscany tour, I will try to get up photos and stories as soon as possible.



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