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Day 2: Florence to Siena
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Day 2: Florence to Siena

By: Austin Adventures February 9, 2012

First things first, I am positive that a biking tour is the best way to see a country. I have traveled a lot by normal standards, but haven’t gone on a biking tour until now and from now on it will be the only way I explore a country. Biking just gives you the freedom to explore what you want, at the pace you want. You experience so much more by biking, then you would walking or taking a tour bus. Now for day 2 of the Tuscany tour: An early morning breakfast at the hotel and some cappuccino to get us ready for the day. Then we left Florence this morning and drove south an hour to Castellina in Chianti, where we started the first day of cycling. The weather has been perfect since we have been here, sunny and warm. Right before we started our ride from Castellina, our wonderful guide George surprised us with a WOW. What’s a WOW you ask? Here at Austin-Lehman Adventures a WOW is literally when your guide brings you some delicious treats on a silver platter. Todays WOW was fresh fruit including: bananas, pears, apples and strawberries and another silver platter with dried fruit including: papaya, kiwi, pineapple and apricots. After our WOW we set out on our biking tour to Siena, with four of our guest trying out the new E-bikes. The new E-bikes were an instant hit, with the option of extra power when you need a little help getting up those Italian hills. With a boost range from I-IV, anyone is able to conquer the Italian countryside. I must admit that I got passed a few times by our guest riding the E-Bikes, they were real excited to pass the young guy on the trip.

New E-Bikes

The New E-Bikes

George with the wow

George presenting this mornings WOW

Right off the bat you see the beauty of the Tuscany region, vineyards and classic Italian homes spread out through the countryside as far as the eye can see. We had an early lunch in Radda and then set out to continue our real Italian cycling tour. Sometimes in order to get the best views of an area you have to work for it and Italy makes you work for some of those views with its hills, but with hard work comes reward and after each hill there was an incredible view and a nice long downhill to follow.

Tuscan Vineyard

Tuscany vineyard

Guests just ouside Castellina

Our guest just outside Castellina

Tuscan Villa

Tuscany Villa

Jim and Robin

Jim and Robin enjoying the sites of Tuscany

I was really impressed with all of our guest, everyone finished the ride and no one took any of the shortcuts we provide. After our ride we headed into Siena for a fancy dinner at Ristorante Da Enzo. The dinner was full of laughs and stories from our first day of riding and of course in Italian style a little bit of vino. My favorite part of the day had to be the cycling, we got to see so much of the Tuscany region and it was the FIRST DAY of riding! After dinner we had a little walk around the city center and then headed back to our hotel for the night.

Check back here for more stories and photos from my Tuscany tour with Austin-Lehman Adventures!




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