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Today we started our ride from our hotel in Siena (Hotel Villa Patrizia) and rode southwest to Belcaro, which is a lovely little town on the way to Sovicille. Most of the little towns in the region of Tuscany make you feel like your going back in time, they still have their medieval charm and classic Tuscan style buildings with beautiful orange and grey stones. Almost every town in this region is built on top of a hill, so they have amazing views and are filled with churches and castles. After Belcaro we continued our ride across the countryside to Sovicille and had sandwiches at an authentic Italian café.
Tuscany Region

Classic view in the Tuscany Region

Tuscan Villa just outside Sovicille

Tuscan Villa just outside Sovicille

Guest biking in Sovicille

The guest biking into Sovicille

Then we headed back to Siena, for a 2-hour walking tour. We had a fantastic guide, who knew the city of Siena extremely well. My favorite part of the tour was seeing the Mangia Tower, which has a shell shaped plaza in front of it. Each year they have the Palio di Siena, which is a horse race around the plaza; where the jockeys don’t ride with saddles. (It looks like it would be a pretty wild race) After our walking tour we decided to get some pizza at a little pizzeria in the heart of the city. I can say that the pizza in Italy is the best and I eat a lot of pizza, so trust me on this one! But not only is the pizza good, the Tuscans really pride themselves on great food and we have had plenty of it on this tour! All of the food here is made with the freshest ingredients grown right here in Tuscany, you can really taste the difference. Full of pizza, we headed back to our hotel to get a good rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow we are riding from Siena to Sinalunga in the region of Le Crete. I herd good things about tomorrows ride, so check back here for some stories and photos!



Basilica Cateriniana Di S. Domenico in Siena

Basilica Cateriniana Di S. Domenico in Siena

Manhia Tower in Siena

Mangia Tower in Siena



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