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December is Alumni Appreciation Month!
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December is Alumni Appreciation Month!

By: Austin Adventures December 8, 2017

We’re offering new benefits for alumni guests during the month of December

From Yellowstone’s steaming geysers to Alaska’s creaking glaciers, we know you carry some of your strongest memories from those unforgettable Austin Adventures trips.

Kenai Peninsula alaska adventure
If you’ve traveled with us, welcome to the Adventurer’s Club!

For the last 40 years, we’ve carefully crafted robust itineraries just for you—adventures that have taken us around the globe and back again. To honor these wild, life-changing experiences, we’re taking a moment–a whole month, in fact—to recognize that this lifetime of adventures wouldn’t be possible without you, our intrepid alumni guests. We are pleased to announce December as Austin Adventures Alumni Appreciation Month. This is just our way of saying thank you to all those special travelers that have trusted us year after year, trip after trip. We are kicking things off with some very special incentives just for you.

We have also relaunched the Adventurer’s Club with special benefits for all past guests. Learn more about these great new benefits on the web site by visiting the Alumni Club pages. And finally, you’ll love these limited-time perks just for you when you book by January 5, 2018:

  • One FREE hotel night: We are pleased to offer a one-time special for all new December bookings: a complimentary night in one of our “pre-trip hotels”. As you all know, trips start early on day one, and we recommend a few pre-trip hotels for your convenience. As a way of rewarding you for past support, we will be picking up the tab for this pre-night lodging on any and all trips. Just book your trip during December, and you can rest easy.
  • Double referral rewards: Many of you have helped us grow by referring your friends and family. That is clearly the highest compliment we can get, and it’s an important part of our growth. In the past, many of you have earned $150.00 per referral that travels with us (remember they get $100.00 off as a special reward from you). Now the good news, many of you have “money in the bank” from your referrals. For the month of December, we are going to double whatever you have on file. It’s that simple. If you have questions about how much you have on file, just call our office at 1-800-575-1540 and the sales team will be happy to look at your records.

Along with these Alumni Appreciation Month perks, we also created new and exciting “Evergreen Benefits only available to our Adventurer’s Club members.

  • 5% discount on all trips after completing five: Going forward, after your 5th trip with Austin Adventures, all future trips will be offered at a 5% Discount. That’s right… going forward you will be rewarded for your generous support with a 5% discount on the total trip cost. No strings attached. Whatever else you may qualify for, you get the 5% on top of that!
  • 50% off single supplement fee: We have heard for years that, for single travelers, the Single Supplement is a lot to swallow. We hear you, and just for alumni, we are reducing the Single Supplement to 50% of the published price. We hope that helps those of you that prefer to have a room to yourself.
  • 10% discount on President’s Trips: Join Dan and Carol on one of their annual President’s Trips. These trips are hosted by Dan and Carol and are often our newest and most exciting adventures. You will be the first to know about these trips and will get a 10% discount off the published price. This year (2018) Dan and Carol will be hosting the new Tanzania Bush Rover Adventure.
  • 10% alumni discount on NEW 2018 adventures: We know that many of you have been on literally dozens of trips and are always eager to try something new. To keep it fresh, we are pleased to offer all Alumni an additional 10% discount off any and all new trips in our catalog. These trips must be booked by the 1st of each year going forward. (We will extend that to 1/15/18 this year, as we are a little late getting the word out). Be sure to check out our new trips for 2018.
  • Relaxed cancellation policy: In another case of listening to our alumni, we are pleased to share that we have lightened up on our cancelation policies—just for you. We know things unfortunately do come up, and no one wants to cancel on their much-deserved vacation plans. To this end, we are offering a peace of mind policy, just for you. If something comes up and you have to cancel your trip, do so 45 days or more prior to departure and you, as Alumni, will get a full refund or better yet, credit on your next trip. Again, no questions asked. There are a few long-lead international trips that must be excluded from this offer, but the sales team will share that with you if and when this applies.

The above represents the “New” incentives and offers. Of course the current benefits will continue. Benefits like:

  • 24/7 Access to Dan and Carol Austin to help you before, during, or after your trip!
  • An Adventurer’s Club Fleece vest welcoming you on your 2nd trip.
  • Special gifts and “Wow’s” on all future trips.

A day doesn’t go by where we are not thankful that you make it possible for us to build inspiring and exciting adventures around the world. You continue to inspire us to offer best-in-class adventures around the world, and we look forward to making memories with you for years to come.


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