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If you love to travel, but hate to plan, then you’re probably familiar with tour companies. But what you'll typically find ...

Travel Resources
austin adventures 2018 trip catalog

Last week, our 2018 catalog shipped. Within those glossy pages, among all of our classic vacations, are eleven brand-new adventures. These new trips ...

Adventure Vacations
Yellowstone Elk

Unless you're one of the brave souls who dive into a new adventure headfirst, you probably prefer to test the water a ...

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family catalo0g2 300x240 - 20 Reasons Travelers Should Worry Less (if at all) About Ebola

Infographic courtesy of the CDC Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of articles about Ebola spreading like wildfire across the web, ...

Travel Resources
Why Botswana?

by Marian Myers of WIlderness Safaris Botswana has a well-deserved reputation as one of Africa's best wildlife countries. The jewel that is ...

Travel Resources
Getting ready for your African adventure

  My first memory of Africa was when I was a little girl watching the movie Born Free, the story of Elsa ...

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