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Discover Croatia
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Discover Croatia

Croatia kayaking


When it comes to European vacations, Croatia seems to fly under the radar. Geographically, Croatia faces the Adriatic Sea, the same sea where Venice is situated. Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a traveler’s alternative to the expensive resorts of the Mediterranean coastline. The charming and photogenic Dalmatian coastline and quaint towns reflect its Venetian influence.

Croatia Bike Tours


One of the favorite destinations in Croatia is the town of Hvar. Adventure vacations in Hvar are truly memorable ones. Its pleasant climate presents an opportunity for biking. The woody coves and shallow beaches welcome tourists for kayaking and snorkeling. Hvar has olive groves, vineyards, fortresses and churches. Its narrow walkways are ideal for hiking and strolling. You also have the option to bike around the town and discover little nooks for quick bites of Croatian fare.

Explore the marbled streets of Dubrovnik. Visit museums and different architectural gems that make the city a stunning destination. Take your time to immerse in the sights and sounds of Dubrovnik by having coffee in one its bistros. Do not forget to sample local delicacies and cuisine. Try their seafood and truly savor their delightful gastronomic offerings.

Croatia remains steadfast and tough. Its tourism potential is the proof of its resilience. Its tumultuous past is but a memory. We offer adventure travel packages to Croatia with exciting itineraries to one of Europe’s best kept-secrets.


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