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Discover the Geological Wonders of the Grand Canyon
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Discover the Geological Wonders of the Grand Canyon

Being in the outdoors is a wonderful way to enjoy everything nature has to offer. Hiking vacations are trips that perfectly combine leisure, outdoor adventure and fun. By visiting the Grand Canyon, singles, couples and families can experience one of the most exciting adventure trips available in the United States.
Utah - Arches to Moab
Where else can you discover hidden gems in nature like waterfalls and caves with interesting rock formations and lush vegetation awaiting you? Most travelers are amazed at the 360-degree view of the Grand Canyon. The lookout point was not named “Ooh Aah” for nothing. All the hard work hiking will quickly be forgotten once you see the stunning views of the Grand Canyon. The pictures often seen in guidebooks just don’t do justice to the experience of actually being there.

The Grand Canyon is much more than just scenic views. Discover your inner Indiana Jones by hunting fossils and see how the rocks bear witness to different geological changes. The rock formations hide many fossil discoveries beneath their pretty structure. While it is illegal to remove them, you can take photos and learn more of the fascinating history of their formation.

The whole experience itself of visiting this part of the country is unforgettable. Sometimes, it is not the destination that makes a trip memorable but the people you are with that makes it more fun and pleasurable. Visit Austin Adventures to learn more about our Grand Canyon vacation packages that will bring a richness of experience to your next adventure vacation.

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