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Austin-Lehman Adventures Cuba

Just landing in Cuba for the first time is one of the adventure trips that will really make a mark in your memory. Only an hour away from Miami by chartered plane, finally American travelers can reacquaint themselves with this fascinating locale.

With our recent license approval for tours to Cuba, adventure vacations to our closest neighbor can now take center stage. The wonderful cultural experience involved with travelling to this historic country begins with the location of Fidel Castro’s famous addresses to the Cuban people, the Plaza de la Revolucion. The chance to marvel at the vastness of the space and imagine the historical significance that unfolded there is inspiring.

Havana became a great tourist destination partly because of the restoration efforts by the historian Eusebio Leal. Not to be missed is the Museo de Automoviles (the Car Museum) to see the well maintained vintage cars. You will understand why you still see these old automobiles in the streets of Cuba. It is like stepping back in time or visiting the set of a 1950s.

You will appreciate Cuba even more when you visit the home of the Caribbean’s own Picasso, Cuban artist, Jose Fuster. A visit to Cuba is also incomplete without a visit to the tobacco farm of late Alejandro Robaina. The Cuban government declared him to be the best tobacco grower in the country, and because Cuba is also known for cigars, this makes Robaina the producer of the best cigar in the world.

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