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It’s hard to find a place more visually stunning or seemingly untouched than Patagonia, the region in the Southern Andes shared by Argentina and Chile. Home to the world’s third largest ice field, after Greenland and Antarctica, as well as staggering peaks and some of the most brilliant scenery on Earth, Patagonia is the ultimate adventurer’s paradise.

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Though the mountains in Patagonia are not nearly as tall as their Himalayan counter parts, they are world renowned for their sheer faces, and are considered some of the most technically challenging mountains to climb in the world. If you’re not ready to rope up and give those a shot, don’t worry, you can still enjoy their majestic beauty as you hike through some of the region’s more friendly trails. As you hike your way to Lakes Torre and Capri, you will understand why the region is famed for its vistas as you come face to face with the regions two tallest peaks, Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. At 10,262 and 11,168 feet tall, respectively, it’s easy to see why these giants have gained their reputations.

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Another geographical feature which Patagonia is famous for are its ice fields. The Perito Moreno Glacier, a 97 square mile ice formation in the Los Glaciares National Park is particularly well-known. Perito Moreno is the world’s thirds largest reserve of fresh water, and one of one of the few glaciers in the world that is actually growing. It is “fed” by the Los Glaciares ice cap, which feeds 46 other glaciers, as well, and makes up the National Park. In order to truly get a feel for the glacier’s awesomeness, make sure you trek your way across it, allowing you to get up close and personal with its surreal peaks and neon blue crevasses.

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It’s impossible to visit Patagonia and not be inspired, whether by the landscape, by what you’ve accomplished, or by what you’ve discovered. Make sure you bring your camera and your sense of adventure, because it’ll be the trip of a lifetime!

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