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The Dream Destination of Holland for Cycling Tours
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The Dream Destination of Holland for Cycling Tours

Cycling in Holland

Because many people dream of trips to the emerald green waters of exotic beaches, the country of Holland might not necessarily be at the top of the list for summer vacation destinations. Certainly, the land isn’t known for its beaches and sunshine. But for those couples and families looking to journey on their first European vacation, the flat and lovely Dutch countryside promises to be a dream destination for Holland Bike Tours.

Biking through small fascinating villages while on a cycling tour is the ultimate form of adventure and relaxation. While journeying throughout the country, the canals and windmills offer sights not well known anywhere else in the world. Amsterdam alone is home to over 100 kilometers of canals that wind their way through town and country.

For those who have adventured to the rolling hills of northern France or southern England, the famously flat landscape offers quite a contrast. Most of the land has been reclaimed by the sea with many small communities, well known for their windmills, doing all that is possible to shelter their towns behind dikes meant to protect from potential flood damage. Because the land is so flat, bicycles are a great way to travel while on holiday. In fact, the Dutch people and bicycles seem to go everywhere together, hand in hand. There are many cycling paths around the canals that also cross into open land and countryside.

The country is more than just landscape and picturesque sites however. The cosmopolitan feel of the culture can most be experienced in their foods, which have integrated with other cultures to provide new treats not often associated with Holland. Indonesian food along with other famous Dutch treats prevails in many locales. The land of tulips, windmills and canals is a perfect destination so contact us today to learn more about our European travel itineraries.

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