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E-Bikes are Totally Radical
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E-Bikes are Totally Radical

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Alright first let me explain what an E-Bike is for the folks that are wondering, an “E-Bike” is a hip way of saying electric bike. Now for those wondering why I think E-Bikes are totally radical, first off they make riding a lot easier. I know what you’re thinking “Isn’t that cheating?” well it depends on who you ask. Last year I got to be a part of Austin-Lehman’s first trip with E-Bikes and we tested them out on our Tuscany bike tour. Our guests demoing the bikes were all in their sixties and about average bikers. Cycling tours in Tuscany is probably the last place you’d think to see someone in their sixties, because there are some serious climbs in the region. But these E-Bikes level the playing field and make conquering a bike tour in Tuscany possible for almost everyone. Our guest were able to keep up with me on the hills and I use to race bikes, just goes to show you how much help these bikes can provide.

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The photo above is two our guest giving each other some love after cruising up a good size hill in Tuscany. I don’t think you’d see too many smiles after a hill climb like that, maybe some huffing and puffing… But with these E-Bikes you have the control of giving yourself a little extra boast when you need it. Trust me, these bikes don’t do all the work for you. Our Diamant electric bikes with Trek Ride technology gives you an assist level of I to IV, so when you need a little help you have it.

These E-Bikes are perfect for multigenerational families traveling together or just for someone who wants to do a bike tour in a place like Tuscany but doesn’t want to kill themselves trying to keep up with the group. Our E-Bikes are available for $25 per day on our European bike tours and are a real electric ride.

That’s it for now, till next time get outside and ride!

Your friendly biker,


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