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Eat Like a Local
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Eat Like a Local

Street foods are a window into the culture of any destination. Tasting what the locals eat, watching where people gather, and indulging in new culinary delights, all create a relationship with a place that cannot be manufactured outside of the experience. Food is an essential part of travel, you have to be open to trying new things (with-in reason, I don’t really want to eat bugs or dogs or anything), but the risk of trying something new almost always pays off. Below are three examples of my favorite street foods. I hope they encourage the epicurean sensibilities of my fellow travelers.
Gyros: stuffed to the brim with delicious seasoned lamb, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, feta, and tzatziki sauce. Oh the sauce.Oh the cheese! It is perfection in street food! I love them! I love watching the man in the paper hat shave the meat off the spit; it looks like ribbons falling into the pile to be added to my Mediterranean treat! I love them in Greece and Turkey, well really anywhere I can get my hands on one. Eating a fresh gyro is just one of the benefits working at one of the best adventure travel companies.
Falafel: a middle-eastern marvel. Fried balls of mashed up chick peas, stuffed into a pita shell and accompanied by your choice of veggies. Again, the tzatziki, the cucumber- yogurt sauce that makes everything taste fresh and raw and delectable! The best falafel I have eaten was in Barcelona, right off of La Rambla (although I must mention that I have never been to the Middle East, and I would expect that the original home of the falafel would give my Spanish version a run for its money!) We stumbled onto the stand by sheer luck, but returned many times. They had trays and trays of vegetables to stuff into the pita; cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, the list goes on and on, the combinations are endless, the results are unfathomable!
Crepes: what European vacation would be complete without a crepe in France? Paper-thin pancakes stuffed with sweet or savory fillings: Ham, nutella, chocolate, sugar, jams, or any variety of framoge! The way they ladle the batter onto the hot stone griddle, spread it around with a wooden utensil that’s only functionality rests in crepe making, and then masterfully flip the giant, delicate wrap over to brown the other side before enveloping the goodies, is an art form! They are fast, cheap and delicious, a must have on a Parisian stroll!
Bon Appetit!
Your Friendly Travel Expert,
Mindy Vanderhoof

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