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When talking about the beauty and diversity of France, there truly is no exaggeration. It is simply a magnificent place to journey for a European vacation. Our travel plans offer a wide variety of fun, entertaining and adventurous activities.

Walk in a city that once inspired Van Gogh to create his masterpieces. Follow in his footsteps and explore the picturesque valleys of Luberon and Vaucluse. Our adventure vacations for couples are tailor made keeping in mind privacy with locations that are the perfect setting for spending some quality time with your partner. Envelope yourself with rich magnificent history, ancient ruins and indulge in fine cuisine for six days of adventure travel with us. As you stroll through the enchanting vineyards, your senses will be stimulated by the constant fragrance of thyme and lavender.

Take your partner and explore the town of Avignon, home to six successive popes of the 14th century. Walk along the Senancole River gorge and reach Gordes village. You’ll be amazed to see the ancient stone castles glowing smooth orange under bright sunlight. Hold a glass of the finest French wine and marvel at the spectacular view of Provence known especially for its roses and table wines. Nearly 140 billion bottles of wine are made from Provence’s vast vineyards. The Alpilles hills of Saint-Remy covered with cedar wood and limestone cliffs are worth climbing on your way to Menerbes.

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