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Entrust Austin Lehman with Your Next European Vacation
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Entrust Austin Lehman with Your Next European Vacation

If a European vacation is on your agenda for your next scheduled time off work, then most people will tell you to prepare well ahead of time so that your plans go much more smoothly. Fortunately, the great benefit of travelling with Austin Lehman is that we plan everything for you so that you can experience an extraordinary adventure vacation without any fuss. All you need to bring is the right clothing, your passport and an attitude of readiness for the time of your life.

For 38 years we have created adventure vacation packages to allow our guests the freedom to experience all the cultural, artistic and historical features of any European country they visit. We offer more than just guided tours. Our goal is to help our travelers truly experience the life and culture of the local people. And everything is experienced on a small scale so that the encounter is truly intimate in nature. In fact, our adult trips have only 12 guests in attendance while our family adventures have 18. That makes our guide to guest ratio much lower so that they can truly make the whole trip special for each attendee.

So whether planning cycling tours through Spain or a wine tasting adventure in the heart of Tuscany, travelers can sit back and relax knowing that every detail is handled so they can truly enjoy their time away. Visit us online to view our full European travel catalog or give our 24 hour support line a call for more information (800) 575-1540.

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