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European Cycling Tours through Austria & Italy
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European Cycling Tours through Austria & Italy

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A European vacation with adventure travel companies such as ours creates the perfect design for combining the diversity of Italy and Austria together.

The paths for road cycling are spread all over the beautiful valleys and plateaus with stunning Alps as the backdrop. Discover Tyrol pedaling around historical castles, fortresses and vibrant cities. Let the passionate cyclist in you bike along the Alpine river Inn and reach Innsbruck, the Alpine metropolis, and take a well deserved break to feast on finger licking local delicacies and traditional food.

Cycling tours in Europe are a pleasure for all senses as you marvel at the timeless beauty of historical monuments and pass through nature’s gifted sites. Being in the heart of the Austrian Alps is a pure heavenly experience. As you enjoy your day’s adventures pedaling through cities like Schwaz and Lienz, you can also enjoy the nightlife of Tyrol.  Exploring the high Alpine landscape on a mountain bike will take your breath away.

Be sure to take your picture standing at the trio point where Austria, Switzerland and Italy meet together on their borders. Visit the church of St. Procolo that was once a Roman temple and now known as a “place of energy” as it stands amidst blossoming apple trees.

Check out the world famous extraordinary private collection of armor in the Churburg Castle. The museum of Archeology housed in the small village of Bolzano shows the harmony between modern and contemporary art. The adventure travel in Italy and Austria gives you an awe inspiring experience that allows adventurers to travel across cities that are both traditional and modern at the same time.

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