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Experience a European Vacation Austin-Lehman Style
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Experience a European Vacation Austin-Lehman Style

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Discover some of the hottest destinations on a captivating European vacation in true Austin-Lehman style.  Pedal through the enchanting vineyards of France or explore Holland’s famed “Venice of the north.” Marvel at the historical and royal castles of Denmark while pedaling along the rolling landscapes through both narrow and wide streets. Ride on the Baltic Sea route along the scenic beauty of green pastures, chalk cliffs, landscapes of little belt Fjord as your boat pulls up at the Island of Mon.

Cycling tours through Tuscany are unmatched. Historical old world charm of this place with graceful vineyards, hillside villas and vibrant cities is a magical experience. Check out the renaissance architecture with its beautiful landmarks like the Duomo, Uffizi and Pitti Palace.

The beautiful towers of San Gimignano surrounded by splendid Tuscany countryside fill you with art, culture and history of this small village. Bike through the village and visit the Duomo museum and its wooden statues, sculptures and frescoes that make it a very attractive place to both locals and travelers alike. As you pedal through the olive orchards of Tuscany, you’ll be lost in the beauty as you cross grounds dotted with sheep, cypress trees and hanging olive branches. Shop in the open air local market and look for marvelous art accessories, leather goods and stunning jewelry. Eat Tuscany’s local food cooked in virgin olive oil with use of local herbs and spices with a glass of bold Chianti.

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