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Experience History at UNESCO Heritage Site of Croatia
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Experience History at UNESCO Heritage Site of Croatia


Austin-Lehman Adventures Croatia

There are some 200 miles of Dalmatian coastline and a lifetime of adventure vacations spent getting to know the sheer beauty of the area would certainly be a lifetime well spent. The Adriatic coastline experiences warm waters and gentle predictable winds throughout the summer. It also features scores of islands with deeply wooded slopes. The entire coastline appears to be a concrete free zone (don’t look too closely though) and is one enchanting bay after another. Fishing villages, tiny marinas and small groves where oranges, lemons, figs and olives grow in plenty all mix to provide a holiday experience unlike any other.

Split is the second city in the area after Dubrovnik, and it hides a rare phenomenon. Make a visit here the centerpoint of your European vacation because the city is home to the palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian. The palace is probably the best preserved Roman ruin in existence and was originally built as the retirement home for the Emperor who was the only one to leave office of his own accord. The palace is 31,000 square meters and was constructed in just 10 years using marbles imported from the best quarries in Italy, sphinxes imported from Egypt and statues looted from Greece. The palace bore witness then and now to the power of Rome. Extensive work was done on the palace during medieval times, but the true enormity of the building can still be clearly seen. A city break on our cycling tours to the palace today shows the strength of the Roman Empire as the palace is still in use. Within the palace, 220 buildings house more than 3,000 people running small businesses selling artisan goods.

The markets paint a very vivid picture of life within the confines of the palace and the size of the structure dominates the entire area of the old city, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. Join us for European vacations of a lifetime, and start the journey by visiting our online travel catalog to learn more.

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