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When the words vacation and adventure are put together, they form the phrase that sounds great for anyone looking for a change from routine urban life. With so many adventure vacation packages available, travelers have their choice of destination along with time spent on favorite sports or adventure activities. Adventure travel companies provide all inclusive package tours for singles, couples and families so that every facet of the trip is taken care of including travel, accommodations, food, and of course planning the activities for each day of the trip. When you plan your adventure with Austin Lehman, you will experience an adventure of a lifetime. Every participant receives personalized attention from the guides, who make it their mission to create a memorable vacation for all. 
Austin-Lehman Hiking Tours
Hiking vacations are our specialty and more than just following a group of people through a mountain. Our guests experience exploring the depths of canyons on foot or strolling alongside gorgeous glaciers and shorelines.  The off road treading of unbeaten paths and unpopulated backcountry trails gives the taste of real adventure. Exploring and enjoying the views of the world’s most remote regions on foot gives a feeling of being one with nature and far from the urban jungle many call home. Vacations are not just about the destination but the journey. Choosing Austin Lehman as your travel partner will make these memories unforgettable.

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