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Experience the Excitement of Austin Lehman Adventure Trips
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Experience the Excitement of Austin Lehman Adventure Trips


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If you are planning a vacation, why not try something entirely new and exciting like one of our adventure trips? Our adventure vacations are full of enthusiasm and passion for active travel. Whether hiking huge mountains or jumping off waterfalls, the raw and original experience of travel in this way is what makes our tours worthwhile.
Take a cycling tour through the narrow streets of Slovenia or pedal through the enchanting vineyards of Germany. Germany gives you a glimpse into the history of Roman culture with its royal castles and architecture of medieval era. We offer customized tours tailor-made to suit your preferences, and our guides give personal attention to everyone. The off beaten trails through the forests that are unknown to most other tourists give you a chance to watch wild animals in their natural abode. America’s first national park, Yellowstone, is home to wild animals like wolf, bison, elk and grizzly bears.

Our hiking vacations are organized in various locations across America, Africa and Europe. Travel solo or with a partner and hike a long stretch through the rough mountains of the stunning Grand Canyon and relax in the evening camping around a campfire. Imagine hiking alongside glaciers or erupting geysers, the fun and element of surprise in all our tours make your holiday time extra special. Visit us online to peruse our catalog to find the trip just right for your needs.

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